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byphidias81, October 19, 2014
Advanced Facebook Likebox
While the extension does the very simple job it has to do, it include a spammy link to a Web design company with no options to remove it. There is no notice of this link in the description, and even the demo doesn't have it.
byphidias81, October 18, 2013
ST Content Showcase
It has been probably the first plugin of this time on JED. I was enthusiastic at first, but after months, I can say that they lost their advantage and are now overtaken by similar more performant plugins. Development and updates seems blocked now. Also the support is not answering anymore through the forum even if I asked about the problems below, while they were answering months ago.
There are at least 3 problems that were not solved in the last months: links are directing to non-sef urls;
more than 2 columns layout is not working;
Images are shrank, but not resized, making the page bigger than it should be. If these problems would be solved, I could give a 5 stars, but that's not the point now.
byphidias81, October 16, 2013
DM Pinboard Lite
Great component, even in the free version. Also the support is amazing, replying just within minutes and trying to solve all of your problems. In the new releases they also fixed the sef problem, mentioned in the previous review, now it's correctly linking to the sef pages. The free version is missing a few options (in particular image resizing), but they are available in the paid version. Fair enough.
byphidias81, February 28, 2012
ShowMB Template Slide
I like the module and the potentiality (in particular autofit and caption that appear-disappear) passing in the image, but I would say that it could be a beta version. I get a lot of errors, conflict with my jquery menu, there is no documentation at all and in their website no way to contact. Also the selection of the pictures is not easy, you have to manually copy and paste each path, and the parameters in the backend are not intuitive and there is no tooltip and as I said no documentation. It would be also nice to have some more option, like putting the controls on top instead of the bottom, chose the width of the caption, etc. I would use this module at the final stadium, but at this point it's still too poor.
Owner's reply

The author's email address is clearly shown at the beginning of the php module, this is a rule of JED ..... you should know what you use ....

byphidias81, February 28, 2012
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Zh GoogleMap
It's a great component, more flexible than his competitor and with more functions, and the support is fast and successfull!!