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byphilly0128, January 12, 2012
Love this component. easy to install and setup, if you need help the forum and staff are great.

Any chance on creating a android/iphone app where once submitted from the app it would still send the confirmation to the admin and get stored in the DB and allow us to publish as if they sent it directly from the site?
Weever Apps

1. I love that you guys have videos for every section.
2. I think your setup is pretty easy and straight forward.
3. Sent an email about this almost a week now and no one replied back.


1. Enable Smartphones? according to your video show default to Yes. Mine is defaulting to NO. when I switch to yes it defaults right back to no and because of this I can't get this to work.

2. knowledge base isn't that great, (expect that to get better as you grow)
Owner's reply

Hi Philly,
I can't seem to find your issue in our ticketing system, and I don't know who you emailed. Please feel free to file a ticket in our support system (or another ticket if you have one already) as if the issue is the no/yes dropdown that sounds like an easy bug to fix (though I can't reproduce it on my testbeds at the moment).
Thank you

byphilly0128, November 1, 2011
Slide Them All!
These use to be my goto slideshow, but I don't know what happend the minimal slideshow themse stopped rotating, it will rotate once and then stops.

The good news is the support staff are always on the board so I hope I get an answer to this soon.
byphilly0128, February 18, 2010
I purchase this only because I thought my site was protected with all the FREE security protection and making some changes that's recommended by Joomla. It wasn't until I tried to backup my site and restore it is when I had someone point out that my define.php file was hacked. After finding out about RSJOOMLA I watched the youtube videos and I was sold. it showed me how unprotected the site really was. It gave recommendations on what to change, If you don't know how it points you to there help file on the exact thing you need to do. I had 1 particular problem and the Tech support helped me from start to finish. What I also like is the fact that you can block uses from the backend, lockdown your com_install and you can have the software scan your files like your define.php for any changes, it will then email you when something has been changed.

I've bought several components, but this is my FIRST time feeling that they deserve to have me write something about them. I will also have my other site clients purchase this for their sites also.