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byphotografx, October 20, 2014
Less Compiler
is just another reason to stick with the Joomla CMS. Especially the functionality with "Fire-LESS" Client Side compiling makes working with LESS mcuh more easy, understandable! and just more fun!

Hope you haven't stopped development because the project is still considered as beta?!
Owner's reply

First, thank you (and of course all other reviewers) very much for the positive feedback.

Regarding Beta:
The plugin seems to run very stable - back when I published it I just did not wan't to release a stable version without broader testing. Therefore I will do a stable release with the next maintenance release.

Further Development:
I changed my development workflow a bit and compile all Less/Sass files locally and deploy them afterwards. I still use the plugin for some projects though. Depends on need and contributions to add new functionality.

byphotografx, January 17, 2013
JB DropDown Menu for Bootstrap
.. what I needed ... and what -in my opinion- should already been integrated in the Joomla Core.

Gives you all the classes you need to make a bootstrap-conform dropdown menu.

Nothing more - nothing less ... :)

Thanxx to the Developers
Owner's reply

Thank you very much!


byphotografx, December 27, 2011
Accordeon Menu CK
Works like a Charm ...

easy install, well documented,
uses the original/standard Joomla! menu hierarchy

no need to argue!
byphotografx, October 25, 2011
Not without reason extensions from Peter van Westen are one of the top-rated extension here.

Tabber works really fine - it is well thought and has a very "understandable" Documentation (for me). Perfect Support via eMail and simple Updates via NoNumer Extension manager.

But what i REALLY appreciate is, that you can try ALL NoNmber extensions FREE OF CHARGE without any limitations. And if you are satisfied just buy a license to support his great work ! Keep It on!