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byphotopositive, June 1, 2009
Ignite Gallery
I paid for and downloaded this extension hoping it would fulfil my needs. To some degree it did, but in the end I ended up changing what I needed to do and ignite was no longer suitable. However, I have still given this extension 5 star and a very positive review. This is quite simply because while I was playing around with it, it worked as advertised and did everything very well. It was easy to setup and configure and is clearly laid out.
More than that though, the support and advice I received from the developer (Matt) was first rate. He responded quickly, honestly and helpfully to solve the questions I had.
When I asked the final question about whether it could do what I now wanted, he didn't try to fob me off or make up some holding rubbish. He explained why it wouldn't do what I wanted plain and simple without trying to get me to hang on for the next version.

He's told me what he is planning for the next version, and when it comes to pass I may well find myself back using Ignite. In the meantime the hunt is on for the ideal gallery component for my needs. Either that or my needs need to change!