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byphpwebdesign, September 24, 2013
mavik Thumbnails
Brilliant little plugin that reduces load time on my server and means I don't need to spend forever resizing pictures. Top marks!
byphpwebdesign, June 25, 2012
As a fellow developer, I wanted to give two thumbs up to a great component. I have been using SH404Sef for years, and I highly recommend it to all Joomla users.
byphpwebdesign, March 21, 2012
JCH Optimize
This little plugin is fantastic, and fully deserving of 5 stars. My site has sped up a huge amount since installing it. The sprites function wasn't working for me a few days ago so I just left it off, but I checked the support forum today and the problem's been FIXED - so if you find something's not quite working check the support forum, because quite likely someone else has experienced the same issue and there is a fix available. I back this plugin 100%, I think it should go commercial because it's that good I'd pay for it (twice!) Great work developer!!