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byphreak_02, April 16, 2008
Name Meaning
I like this component, it works straight and well. Just what i'm missing is the free definition of fields. There are several components (definitions, glossary,...) that could help in different tasks. With adding 1.5 and "define new fields" this "name meaning" could really go great for several applications.
byphreak_02, November 7, 2007
Under all form extensions Chronoform worked out best for me. Basically its not a form generator as you create your forms by code (beginners should be in a second into it with any HTML reference site). But that's easy and there are pretty much options like email templates, etc. The imageverfication uses a nice image (thats not so often) and the support in the forums is fast. J1.5 RC1 released and under development too.