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byphulst, September 4, 2010
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The script is a good idea. However with an empty Exclude JS list (in admin) the script crashes and the page will nog be displayed.
Also a javascript error on the page is found: missing } in mootools.js lien 59.
Owner's reply

If you require support, it's best to post at our support forum. A bad review is not something we can fix.

byphulst, May 23, 2010
Since I share photos on Picasa I am using this handy plugin. Works out-of-the-box. I have made one modification (on two lnes, the wmode for transpacency), so that my drop-down menu is on top of the slide show:

getflashplayer" wmode="transparent"

Furthermore one suggestion: the width and height are selectable, but fixed. May be an automatic width/height based on the actual screen size can be added??

Owner's reply

Ok, I added your modification of transparency, but, what do you mean with "automatic width"?

byphulst, March 3, 2010
This module is a very good idea. However it is a pitty that there is a limitation on the max number of articles (or else a blank page will appear!).
Furthermore the month sorting is not ok.
Also it should be possible to select if the first mont is collapsed or not.
Succes with further development!
Owner's reply

Fixed month sorting (you can download it and reinstall).

Try to show now all articles.