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bypiccaros, March 7, 2013
Hi fellow joomla lovers,

I have been using quite a number of calendar through my small existence on the web and I must say that Ohanah has developed a good and robust tool to display and manage a calendar with very cool features you won't find anywhere else. Plus the support is fast responsive.

bypiccaros, August 17, 2008
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I have installed it on my site in order to sell a few products and to be honest, it was quite a task to build an eshop with 10 products in it. For smaller shop, there are other solutions easier to manage. But for those who wants to get into e-commerce with a lot of products and categories, it is good, very good. There is I think a problem with some editors such as Joomla FCK.
bypiccaros, March 18, 2008
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This component works great and allow to know everything you want to know about your visitors or the bots that are visiting your site.

Have installed on two configuration, one worked very well, the second installation has crashed the site and I had to remove it straight after.

So use it with caution, if you have a blank page at the end of the installation process, that means you'll maybe have the same issue as I had when installing the module. I installed it on the home page and every other module just did not show - left or right column was the same.

Both configurations were 1.x
Maybe the creator of the component has got more info to add in here.

Owner's reply

Hi, thank you. Yes, you are right, some installations might crash, but mostly because the user didn't meet the requirements. They have to have at least 20MB of free space because of the big database table for ip->country resolving or permissions. And many systems are very specific, so it's hard for me to find out why did it crash. If such a situation occurs, I will appreciate a bug report or a solution. 18.3.2008 I replaced the with the one with some minor fixes, so you may try to re-download the way you did and re-install. Thanks to the whole Joomla community and many user suggestions that helped to make this component better with every version.

bypiccaros, February 27, 2008
CB Gallery
I am using this component as a small feature I give to my users. Really helpful in my case as I run a community site. Although Gallery 2 from Menalto is installed, I decide to keep CB gallery. Just a small add on would be great, remove tis pop up window and add a lightbox instead.

Check a live example here:

Click on the user photo and you've got it...

Owner's reply

Lightbox is available - check the parameters!

bypiccaros, February 18, 2008
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Community Builder
Hi Folks,

Not just a simple component, it is the corner stone of my site. I have looked around and I found many components working together with CB which allowed me to develop a great community site. - Take a look - If you want to see the features of Community Builder - you have to register. Worth doing it...

good work
bypiccaros, February 18, 2008
Akeeba Backup
Hi Folks,

Great component, I use on different sites and I think it is great. One bad thing, it should be working on 1.5 and it doesn't...

Owner's reply

We are currently working on 1.5 Native support.