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bypiotr_cz, June 1, 2010
Great extension if your site is in other language than english and site users are submitting new content.
bypiotr_cz, June 27, 2009
Simple Image Gallery
Great, handy extension.

However current version ( uses Slimbox v1.22 which is already a bit outdated.

If you encounter an 'IE empty div problem' = empty space at the bottom of the page in IE, add #lbOverlay {height: 0px} to your css (issue was supposedly fixed in Slimbox v1.5). It doesn't seem to work with IE6

Another problem comes up when using with googlemaps plugin ( in the same page, most probably because of conflict with Modalbox.

Author states that in the PRO version you may choose from 10 popup engines, so I guess that should in most cases and at the same time make your gallery look neater then when using slimbox v1.x.