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bypippo8765, November 14, 2013
Multiple Extra Fields Groups for K2
Great work, if I was to decide I'd put this to be integrative part of K2 core! Simple to use, simple to understand, worked exactly as I was imagining it should before I installed.
bypippo8765, January 23, 2013
Being very experienced Joomla user and developer, I may say that this is one of the best extensions there is! One can not make it easier to configure and understand it's usage. Also, frontend users are just a click away from uploading files. As said in title - there's everything you need + it's super simple to integrate within anything that exists in Joomla! Thank you for making it!
bypippo8765, February 28, 2011
As experienced Joomla user, I can say that this is one PERFECT extension! Not only that it has so many features, but developer does a brilliant job on replying to almost every user idea. Using it is easy, almost everything that came across my mind is already there... Backend layout settings is great idea, it gives possibility for not-programmers to setup layout as they like, they're not limited to just few options for it. Also, upgrading to newer versions (releases are also frequent) is piece of cake - no need to uninstall, backup stuff etc etc - all is straight forward. All that is in initial package is more than enough for even average user and much more than average download section of your website! Thanks once again for job well done!