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Easybook Reloaded
I just love this guys extensions - this is the second of his i have used now (other is easy seo)and i cant say how happy I and my clients are.

Would love to see this with with an xmap plugin though.
Owner's reply

Nice! I wish you success with my extensions.

bypiprees, August 20, 2012
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Not only is the support from these guys second to none the mightysites software is possibly one of the most powerful tools at the disposal of joomla developers.

Thought mightysites not only am i able to share membership data across multiple websites i am able to manage DOZENS of websites with one joomla installation.

The developers of mightysites respond to support tickets SWIFTLY and work with you no matter how complex the problem.

I use ALOT of paid extenstions and these guys customer service stands out as one of the joomla developer leaders.
This is nice little module, which i installed on a SSL website to use as a site switcher between global sites and local sites such as and

Couple of little issues need to be fixed (which i will contact the developers about and proberbly wont be a problem for most people.)

1. The translation in the backend is not complete, still alot of it appearing in turkish not english.

2. If your using the module to hyperlink to another website from an SSL website that does not have an SSL website the target website will not open. Needs a solution to be able to over-ride the ssl http protocal.

Other than that very nice module and very easy to use.
Owner's reply

The translation problems Will be fixed soon. The https problem may take time to solve. Thanks for review.

bypiprees, March 22, 2012
JomSocial / AdsManager Super Bridge
Once you got this installed there are a couple of hacks to the code that you need to do - however the author gives clear instructions in pdf format to do so.

Quite easy to make the modifications needed and they give excellent support - even helped me by skype one to one.

Id like to see this extentsion become total hack free at a later date and look forward to seeing other extenstions from this publisher.
Owner's reply

Why call them hacks? There is no hack to be taken.

The Plugin can be installed via "AdsManager" even by the novice without any knowledge.

Included in the package is also available as you say a pdf file with an illustrated guide. Thanks for the 4 stars ...

bypiprees, March 7, 2012
After having a horrible horrible time with community builder i decided to take the plunge and purchase jomsocial.


Not only did i have a basic community up and running within seconds (and i mean seconds) there is so much flexabiity available for jomsocial its incredable.

Support can be a little slow - but they acknowledge that however they DO respond.

My Advice, if your looking for a social networking solution take the plunge and purchase jomsocial.

The others like CB just dont cut the mustard.
Core Design Magic Tabs
As jackbat said - the j1.7 version of this extension requires another plugin which requires paid membership so not free at all.

There is a j1.6 version that is free to download but may cause compatibility issues.

Probably just an oversite on the publishers part.
bypiprees, January 3, 2012
BS Myjspace
I love hte concept behind this extentsion and it works great untill you start to integrate it with community builder and an authentication login system - bugs galore.

Also would like to see the URL's SEF enabled so that when a users uses there link its stays sef enabled rather than showing the deep article link.

Other wise this componant would have got top marks from me.
Owner's reply

Please send me more details, using the forum in my website. The component work fine in several sites with CB there is no reason it can be the same for you.

bypiprees, January 2, 2012
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Community Builder
CB seems on the front cover to be exactly what every joomla developer needs.

But its so buggy its unreal - heck its not even really compatable with JFBConnect which themselves use.

Reading through there forums - unless you are a paid subscriber (which considering there awful free support i will not become) they just dont really seem to care and ask half empty open ended questions all aimed to direct you to purchsing paid support.

My advice - if you need a community solution THAT WORKS - forget community builder till they sort out there customer service and support issues and use the money you would have for there support for a more professional extension.
Owner's reply

1) Regarding your review subject:
You have posted 2 threads on *free* community support forum areas, both addressed politely and professionally within *hours*. First one 3 year ago was addressed within hours requesting additional clarifications which you did not reply to:

Second, recent, thread, started on a global holiday (New Years Day) and was responded to *within hours* and got *resolved within 2 holidays days*!

2) Regarding the content of your review:
Your conclusion on the 1.1.2012 thread was that problem is *not in CB*, but due to *a bug in a third party CB plugin* (and that wasn’t in the list you gave in your original post!):

And you also write in the thread “i never had a problem in the past”. Thus we can only guess that your review above was written while in troubleshooting mood and before even having the problem solved.

It should be noticed that if you would have had a professional membership, our support team would have gone to troubleshoot your issue for you on your site and to find the culprit third-party plugin for you. But you can easily understand that it is materially not possible to offer such personalized service to free members, unless it is a confirmed problem in CB itself, which you did and could not confirm as it wasn't a CB bug.

In the light of the above, your words “lousy support” of an issue in a third-party plugin (not CB nor JFB Connect) on New Year and statement “so buggy its unreal” while having “never had a problem in the past” should be put in perspective.

I tried a few other options to integrate my sites with facebook and quite simply the others although each having unique aspects pale in comparisom to JFBConnect.

Excellent support from alzandar and an exceellent product that integrates smoothly.

It should be a joomla standard that all other extenstions should work to including in there core files.

Shame other popular extenstions like community builder and multisites have not quite caught onto the popularity of JFBConenct.
bypiprees, December 24, 2011
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Cerontek FBWidgets
I purchased facebook widgets because it seemd to have all the componants i required for a VERY complex site/multisite application i was building.

However facebook changed their code on the day it stopped working - Cerontek responded to my support email within HOURS and started to work with me to try and get the situation resolved.

They managed to get one section working, but unfortunatly im was on a very tight deadline and unable to continue to use the package and didnt have the time to go through all the trouble shooting to get the widgets to work with my project (Im DAM SURE that cerontek would have done)

Cerontek gave me a full refund and for now we parted - but i will revisit and see if i can get these magnificant applications to work with other projects.

WELL DONE _ Some of the best customer service ive seen from a joomla developer in a long time.