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bypixelstext, March 1, 2013
I tried free version, but didn't like the way it looks in frontend...Works well, but too complex in backend.

After de-install JVoteSystem my website is corrupted: I get a blank page in front-end and back-end...

Support is zero.
bypixelstext, February 5, 2013
Ultimate Feed Display
I like Ultimate Feed Display because you can show multiple feeds in a nice and compact way.
Feeds open in popup, visitors don't leave your site.
Lots of customisation in settings possible.
And when you need support Stergios is always there!
bypixelstext, September 5, 2012
Cookie Alert
Nice and easy to install extension. Works perfect.
bypixelstext, February 2, 2011
Easy installation. Regular updates. Good support when you need it.
Safety first. I find it a comforting thought that RSFirewall is watching as my clients work in the backend. You can set that modules or plugins can NOT be uploaded.
I'm happy with RSFirewall!
bypixelstext, January 6, 2011
Easy to installl and customize. Does what I need and no less.
And in case you need support: also excellent!