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bypixiedavis, March 15, 2013
BF Survey
Been using the old BF Survey Pro on my old 1.5 site.

After migrating to Joomla 2.5 i needed a lot of help.

As usual, Tim at Tamlyn Creative, took an enormous amount of pressure of me and sorted my bungling attempts.

The new BF Survey Plus is as good as the old version, in fact it gets better.

Well worth the cost - making using surveys and contact forms a breeze.

Plus you get the most understanding and comprehensive support that Tim offers.

His knowledge and abilities to just go into your site and fix it, is beyond amazing.

Highly recommended.
bypixiedavis, March 6, 2013
SP Upgrade
Had tried other free upgrade extensions before and did not like the results. Decided to pay for SP Upgrade after hearing about it.

It worked very well, but i came across a few problems, where it appeared not to work properly. My fault, not the extension.

I decided to contact their support and within a few emails, they went into my site and sorted it all out for me.

Excellent customer support makes the upgrade from 1.5 to 2.5 a smooth task, making this extension well worth the cost.
bypixiedavis, December 25, 2010
Admin Tools
It really is a must for all joomla instlations add to this their backup system and you done.

Easy to use and the speed increase as well as security is excellent.

Would gice it 6 stars if i could.

Their support forum is well attended and speedy responses
bypixiedavis, December 17, 2010
Had been using an old beta version from the time it was a free extension for a year or so.

Decided to upgrade and paid the money.

The product has undergone a lot of changes visually and under the hood.

Looks good and does the job very well indeed.

Had a major problem after upgrading, but the support forum where very quick in responding. Eventually they went into my site and problem solved it for me. Excellent service.

Well worth the money
bypixiedavis, August 5, 2010
This all installed ok.

But the mobile plugin stops my site from showing on a computer - it displays only a blank page.

Could not get it to work on mobiles either.

Wrote to the forum and got no reply
Owner's reply

When you have a problem, please communicate with us via our Forums, email even Twitter. It sometimes takes time to understand what the problem is before we can answer. Giving a bad review and low rating will not get anything better.