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bypjdbck, July 29, 2011
I spend 23 hours working with this extension and had no success after installing (finally) it crashed the site. Get to start over now... how fun... Support was very slow in responding some responses took more then 3 hours. The have packaged everything together to make a huge file so you have to change max_upload in your mysql and if you can do that the install may crash your site like it did mine. Very complicated and not at all user friendly at least on the install side i was never able to actually use the extension. However they did refund my money immediately upon request.
Owner's reply

We're very sorry that the extension did not work out for you. We would, however, like to be sure that reviews are accurate and fair, and you've written one that is neither.
3 hours for a reply in a support system is nothing to complain about.
You don't have to touch your database to increase max upload file size, and if you don't want to adjust php.ini or ask your hosting company to do it for you, then you can use the provided details on how to 'manually' install the extension.
The complexity of this extension does require some assurance that a server environment will allow it to work, however, it's not so complex as to keep 99% of the people who download and use it successfully from doing so.