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bypjdevries, September 24, 2014
FJ Related Articles Blog and List Component
"Create blog or list layouts exactly like the standard Category blog and list layouts, ..." it says in the JED description. If it only were true :( But unfortunately it isn't. It is a good attempt though. And yes, the component may come in handy on occasion. But it's definitely not an exact category blog look alike. For that, it lacks a few important options and still needs some polishing.
bypjdevries, June 2, 2012
Abivia SuperTable Pro
Not much to add to markm's review. I haven't been using it extensive and long enough yet to give it the full 5 star rating, but thus far I have no complaints. Cool features, adequate documentation and good support. That sums it up. Up to know, it's well worth the money.
bypjdevries, April 4, 2012
AutoAnchor Menu
This is a nice, useful extension. Yes it's commercial, but for only $5,- I can't develop it myself. And it works.

Support is excellent. A little glitch was swiftly resolved by the developer. Almost just as swiftly, a few suggestions were implemented.

Take a look at the developer's Absolute Floating Menu as well. In combination with AutoAnchor Menu, it makes navigating long pages even more user friendly.
bypjdevries, October 7, 2010
Five stars would lead to believe that this extension leaves nothing to be desired, but I can not think of any extension for which that is true. BreezingForms does deserve the predicate Excellent though, so five stars it is nevertheless.

I worked with FacileForms, BreezingForms' predecessor for Joomla! 1.x, and was disappointed to find out that the core developers decided not to continue development and make it available for Joomla! 1.5. Fortunately Markus Bopp of Crosstec found the courage to take on that task and since he did, BreezingForms has improved immensely. While leaving the classic FacileForms design mode intact, he improved usability enormously by adding two alternative user interfaces, while maintaining flexibility and customizability for most part. And if I may believe Markus, there's a lot more to come in the near future.

Apart from being a useful and versatile extension, possibly the best forms extension for Joomla! out there, support is good too. Replies to forum topics usually is adequate and when signed up for a payed subscription, support is swift, efficient and well worth the money.

So I advice every (potential) forms developer to at least give BreezingForms a serious try and definitely sign up for a payed subscription as to support Markus' great efforts in improving this already excellent extension.
bypjdevries, November 19, 2009
Advanced Module Manager
Thank you very much Peter. "Useful" is quite an understatement for this nifty extension. It's downright indispensable. The Joomla! core developers should take a good look and learn from this little gem. Apart from that, Peter's support is great. Follow up on forum topics is swift and he implements suggestions for useful enhancements in the blink of an eye. I encourage everybody to give this extension a try, as well take a look at some of Peter's other extensions, which are very useful as well. And don't forget the donation, so he can keep up the good work ;)
Owner's reply

Thanks you very much for the review! Just about all my extensions are born out of a personal need. So any suggestions I see a value in I am keen to implement... we all win :)

I especially agree with your opinion on the donating :P

bypjdevries, November 9, 2009
First let me thank Igort for this plug-in and making it available to all of us. The idea of this plug-in is good, but I discovered a little bug and I miss a few things. Other than that it's quite usefull and has the potential to make life quite a bit easier.
bypjdevries, May 7, 2009
This is one hell of a component. Being a real developers tool it's not for the faint hearted and definitely has a learning curve. But it's worth the investment, as it's a versatile component with possibilities only limited by your imagination. And the support is awesome; among the best I came across thus far.
bypjdevries, February 21, 2009
Form2Content LITE
This is one excellent component and by far the most useful one I have ever come across and used. Although Form2Content offers functionality which resembles other form based data entry components, it's unique solution is elegant and yet incredibly powerful. The fact that custom form data is stored in dedicated tables, while at the same time being rendered as regular Joomla! section/category articles using customizable (pat)templates, makes this an extremely versatile extension. Data can be maintained using forms, making it very easy and accessible for site maintainers with little or no Joomla! experience, but at the same time manipulated as regular Joomla! articles, preserving full compatibility with other (third party) extensions.

Although the current product is clearly a first official release with rough edges and room for improvement, it 's already very usable and appears to be quite stable as well. As for being a commercial component: it's usefulness outweighs it's price by far. In addition, support has been above par until now. Questions were answered swiftly and the few problems encountered, were handled quickly and adequately.

In my humble opinion Form2Content is an invaluable and indispensable addition to the standard tool box of every serious Joomla! developer. And no, I'm not a biased acquaintance of OpenSource Design, the manufacturer, but just a well pleased user, who stumbled into Form2Content and wish it had been available a couple of years ago already.
bypjdevries, February 14, 2008
Phoca Gallery
This is one hell of a component! Not only is it a real native Joomla! 1.5 component, unlike many others who claim they are but actually aren't, but it's easy to deploy and administer. Apart from that, Jan the architect gives excellent support and is open to suggestions.