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bypjries, November 30, 2010
I'm very pleased with the JNews component and with the support offered by Joobi. I've used this on several sites to great satisfaction for my clients. It's an excellent replacement for a commercial mailing list. When I had questions about how to set up the component, I was able to get online help to quickly resolve the issue. The Joobi people respond fast and they make it easy to sort things out and get everything working. A most excellent product and developer!
Contact Enhanced
I already was sold on the Contact Enhanced Component by this developer, when I came across this plugin. I needed a way to include my form within an article so that my client could easily edit the introductory copy. And this does exactly that!

Support also, is stellar. I had a question about the way the plugin performed and within minutes, I had an answer from Douglas and soon after that, a solution!

I highly recommend the component, the plugin and the developer!
bypjries, September 23, 2009
Contact Enhanced Component
This is an excellent addition to the form components for Joomla! It's simple to set up and use and did exactly what I needed it to do. I was looking for a form that I could customize, that would send results via e-mail to my client and that would allow me to redirect the user to a new page or a page displaying the results. I didn't need to store results in a database and I did need a way to include the form within a content article, rather than having a stand alone page.

This component and the companion Contact Enhanced Plugin by the same developer did the trick!

I must also echo what has been said here about the level and quality of support provided by Douglas. I had a question about the plugin that I didn't find answered in his forum, so I used the contact form on his site. I received a response within minutes and a quick solution for the issue.

Just a fantastic experience with a component and plugin which I recommend most highly!