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byplainhavoc, July 19, 2014
I give this an Average only because I am reading all of these other great reviews. The extension installed without a problem, and the settings are very straightforward, however I believe this is not working due to my use of Community Builder login. Having built with Drupal for many years, this is a feature I was really looking forward to using again.
Owner's reply

Hello, as we make clear in the description, the plugin will work with Community Builder if the login field type setting in the Community Builder configuration is set to 'Username, email or enabled CMS authentication plugins', otherwise it will not work - this is a limitation of the way that the community builder login system works, it is not a fault of the plugin. Giving the plugin a 3 star rating on the basis of this seems grossly unfair.

byplainhavoc, July 17, 2014
ExtendedDB People
I installed the legacy 2.02 and enabled before attempting to install the packaged extendeddb people 2.03. All I was able to get was a white screen. Fortunately it didn't wipe the site. I ended up just uninstalling everything until a stable version can be released. It looks like a really good idea...
byplainhavoc, July 10, 2014
Custom Member Homepage
I installed this on a site where I wanted to introduce non-members to the site, sort of an unofficial "about" page. Once registered and logged in, members were able to see the latest stories, etc. Perfect for what I was wanting! To do this, all you have to do is assign a single article for homepage for non-registered members. Then set the page in this extension's configuration. It is simple to do, even a Joomla beginner can do it. I was thrilled to get it working.
byplainhavoc, June 1, 2014
It seems as though the site has my dynamic IP down as one that was behaving maliciously, so I was unable to download this time. However, I have used this in the past and it was great for its intended purpose.
Owner's reply

Please contact us through and we will send you the file manually.

Unfortunately, we get a lot of SPAM / malicious bots and we had to implement strict protections to protect our sites. If your ISP is hacker / spammer friendly, you might have been caught in the crossfire.

byplainhavoc, January 13, 2014
I first reviewed this as a mediocre product due to what I thought was the lack of an answer from the developer support.

After discovering that my mail exchange had been down, and support had been attempting to answer my question, I would have to give this product a gold star (or in this case 5).

I purchased the product a few days ago now, and had a concern with members not showing as registered in the back-end. After explaining this, A limited Admin account was supplied to the developer, and the problem was fixed right away.

I was also assisted with the best configuration for my users in the mixed Joomla, CB, and Kunena environment. I haven't had assistance like that with a product ever, even outside of web development or design.

I couldn't have lucked out any better with this choice.