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byplantpotphil, August 6, 2012
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EasyCalcCheck PLUS
The fact it integrates with other third party components (such as Community Builder) is a life saver.

If you have a Joomla site, this plugin is essential. Simple as that.
Owner's reply

Very nice, thank you for your review!

byplantpotphil, October 21, 2011
I spent month researching and trying various e-commerce systems before launching a personal project. Ironically , I came accross Hikashop first, but decided to keep checking other systems to ensure I got the right one. I ended up going back to Hikashop and I am SO glad I did!

The support is amazing the system is extrememly customisable and reliable.

allt he plugins etc work right out of the box (unlike virtuemart). New features are being added all the time and the free version is better than many other e-commerce paid-for versions out there!

Try it!!
byplantpotphil, August 4, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
This is just what I had been hoping for! I wanted the ability to change a menu depending on whether a user was logged in or not. For example, the "My Account Details" option should only be visible when logged in.

Used this extension to make 2 identical menu modules (except one with an extra menu item for "My Acccount Details"). Set both of these modules in the same positon, but make one visible to only registered users, and the other to anyone who is not signed in. Problem solved!

Should be core really! :)
byplantpotphil, July 16, 2011
Admin Tools
I initially downloaded this just for the joomla update feature but it actually has so many useful tools.

The security features point out things which you may not have thought about and are really easy to use.

Will be installing this on all future joomla sites, its a must have!
byplantpotphil, July 16, 2011
After spending the past few months trying to find the "best" e-commerce solution, VM is not it.

It's very powerful in some respects, but seems to lack some very key features, such as the ability to automatically change the product image when you select an attribute such as different colours. It's possible to get this working through a hack, but every other e-commerce system i've used has this feature natively.

On the plus side there are a lot of plugins available for VM, due to its popularity. Though I don't know why it got so popular in the first place!

There are much better e-commerce solutions out there. The best I found were Magento and Hikashop.