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byplaymedia, October 5, 2012
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Kunena itself is decent. Not great, but not bad. It still needs a lot of improvement, and it needs to be made more efficient. It doesn't use the database as efficiently as it should, especially for a component this old. But that's tolerable.

However, what made me turn away from it, and what is NOT tolerable, is the absolutely horrid support. They have a few helpful mods, but for the most part, the majority are worthless.
And if I had to point to one single reason for me migrating my company from Kunena to Agora, it would be because of the support moderator named 'Sozzled'. His arrogant, brash, condescending attitude turned me away. I realize it's a non-commercial component, but that doesn't give them the right to treat people horribly... and they do.

Like I said, Kunena itself is not bad, but the support is where you'll find yourself standing all alone. Overall, support is important, and the Kunena team does very poorly in this area. Run, don't walk away from Kunena!! A MUCH better option is 'Discussions' or 'Ninja Board'. Kunena just isn't worth the hassle anymore.
byplaymedia, June 3, 2012
So far so good. Does what it says.
But I can absolutely attest to what the other person said about the installation. The installer package definitely is messed up. I tried to install and it only did the component, no plugins or mods. So I unpacked it then repacked it, then it installed.

As it is, it will not install properly. Thanks to developer for a taking over a good system and making it better, but please do fix the installer so nobody else gets this problem.
Owner's reply

Did just deploy the 2.5.5 5 minutes ago, so far tested on multiple instance linux, windows with or without any previous install, and no problems found so far

byplaymedia, November 22, 2010
Social Media Icon Links
Had problems with the mod breaking my Rocket Theme. Oh well.

But the worst thing is the hidden backlink to the author's website. The link is surrounded by the author's keywords. Terrible for SEO since your site WILL get penalized for any hidden link. It's unethical and should not be there. The author doesn't even tell you about it (unless I missed it).

Everyone should avoid this one as there are many very good mods like this out there... one's that don't try to fool you and cause your site to be hit with penalties from Google.

Terrible... just terrible!!!
Owner's reply

As mentioned in my responses below. There was a small bug in the code for the RSS Feed link. It has been resolved in the new release. As far as the link, the intent was not to fool anyone, many FREE extensions include links back to their website, however, the new release provides an option to disable it properly from the module manager.

Once again, if you ever have an issue with one of our extensions, please contact our support team so it can be resolved right away.

byplaymedia, October 8, 2010
This is a beautiful plugin. Works right out of the box. But there is one issue: For me, it doesn't work in Internet Explorer. I'm not faulting the plugin 'cause it may just by my template, but I did switch to Purity and it still didn't work. Maybe there's a conflict somewhere along the line on my side.

Never-the-less, the plugin works fantastic in everything except for IE. But honestly, I'm tired of spending SO MUCH TIME fixing every little thing just for Internet Explorer that I don't care anymore.

I'm using this great plugin anyway! Great job devs!!!
Owner's reply

Thanks so much for the feedback! You were correct about it being broken in Internet Explorer (I also feel similarly to you about fixing stuff for IE, which is probably why I neglected to test the plugin with it). However, I bring good tidings: MooAccordion 1.0.3 fixes that problem by reworking the javascript that was causing the accordions to break. Enjoy!

byplaymedia, October 1, 2010
Fantastic component! Installed quick and worked right of out the box with no problems at all. I have web stats in Google Analytics and my hosting CPanel... but this is SO much easier, plus I can keep an eye on visitors and especially bots. This is something that should be put in core, in my opinion.

Oh yeah: It does display ads in the backend... but so what? Only admins see it and it's NO big deal!

Kudos to the developer. This is a truly great piece of work!
byplaymedia, September 1, 2010
Well to start, Joomla has a great lack of excellent cck extensions, unlike Drupal. With that in mind, I'm used to Drupal's CCK. Flexi is nothing like it, so it has it's own learning curve... and a very steep one at that.

I guess my big complaint is that, with it being so difficult to understand, there's strangely a lack of solid documentation. Sure, there's some vague FAQ's and a forum, but one would expect a step by step simple guide to getting started, like a walk-through on creating basic things, like items, cats, etc. In fact, I think that, with as extensive as it is, there should be a simple one paragraph guide to setting up the first content items as a built-in help section.

Maybe I missed it, but I don't think so. So really the lack of "Good" documentation and tutorials is my major complaint. It could be a bit more user friendly too.

On the plus side, I think once you spend some considerable amount of time figuring it out, it will be extremely powerful.
byplaymedia, September 1, 2010
I really didn't like it. Too many little quirks to list, but I saw no real significant advantage using it. It did mess up some of my Community Builder profile links. After I installed, I watched for 2 weeks, and my error 404 hits tripled. With it on, it also interfered with the "Answers" component... made it throw 404's every time.

Too many downsides which outweighed the benefits (what little I actually saw).
In all honesty, it does little more than Joomla's standard sef.
byplaymedia, August 5, 2010
Virtuemart isn't too bad. It's definitely not the best shopping cart I've worked with. On the plus side, it has lots of features.

But the downside is that support is poor. Yeah, the forums are large, but actual clear-cut answers are scarce. I'm STILL dealing with the "...totals do not match order amounts" error, which is extremely frustrating. Also, adding additional modules are a HUGE pain. It needs it's own integrated installer, like Community Builder.

Gonna be trying others since nobody seems to know why this error is being thrown, nor does anyone have a solution for it.
byplaymedia, August 1, 2010
Freestyle Testimonials
Overall, this is a pretty good testimonials component. Does exactly what it says, installs easily and no bugs so far.

But, there is one disadvantage: There's no option to limit text shown in the module. For example, I have the mod in my right sidebar. Recently a client left a long testimonial and the entire thing was displayed in the sidebar. So there's this really long text in the sidebar from top to bottom. If you could control that, it would be the perfect testimonial component. I'd like to be able to show, say, only the first 30 characters of the testimonial. If you enable 3 in the sidebar, you'll have a very long block of sidebar text that just doesn't look good.

But this is my only complaint. I hope the developer will fix this... because I would quickly go back to it. Still, it's a really good extension!
Owner's reply


Thanks for your review. Just to let you know we can certainly add in this feature to the next version as soon as possible. This will be done shortly.



byplaymedia, July 29, 2010
Ninja RSS Syndicator
This is the most awesome RSS Syndication tool available. Some others sound fancy, but when you get them installed, they turn out to be less bang.
Ninja RSS Syndicator does the job... and then some! Creating the feeds are SUPER EASY. ANd yes, the specific cat/sec works fine for me. I love that it offers great flexibility, so I can create super custom feeds for each page. And to top it all off, you can customize the RSS button, which is awesome!

Overall, there's not one single fault with this component. It installs easily and quickly, works without fail, does exactly what it says... and offers a world of options and customizations. You simply can't go wrong with this jewel!

Kudos to Ninja Forge!
byplaymedia, July 24, 2010
I just love this component! I tried several other portfolios, but this one beats them all. Great flexibility, yet simple and efficient. Works beautifully and without any errors or other issues.

If you need a good portfolio component, you can't find a better one that DigiFolio! It rocks!

Great job developers!
byplaymedia, July 16, 2010
JCH Optimize
First I wanna say that it does exactly what it says... unless you're using Internet Explorer. I don't, of course. But the majority of my users do. I have a ticker trying to get them to go to Firefox or Opera.
Anyway, when activated, it disrupts the javascript of of some elements. For example, my Joomlaworks "All Videos" and "Tabs and Slides" don't work. When disabled, they work fine. Like I said, this is only in Internet Explorer. In Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Safari, it works fine. I changed each option one by one but it made no difference. The only thing that helped was to disable it.

Unfortunately, because of the existence of Internet Explorer, I had to remove it. Even though I totally hate IE, it's still the most popular browser.

So to sum it up: this is a problem with Internet Explorer and not the plugin's fault. But others I've used are compatible with IE... so I really don't know where the bug lies. Either way, it does what it says in Firefox, so I still give it 5 stars.
byplaymedia, July 9, 2010
I tried SO many Facebook add-ons that I got tired and eventually gave up. Well, knowing the power of Facebook, I decided to search more.

I can't believe I missed this one! It's perfect!!!
byplaymedia, July 8, 2010
As Joomla user of just under a year, I've been looking for a comparable extension that would give me the function of my beloved CCK in Drupal. After trying several, including JSE, Zoo, Flexi... I came upon K2. I was using Frontpage Slide Show in Drupal. Now I'm using it in Joomla, as well as AllVideos, Tabs and Slides, UCD and Simple Image Gallery. So nnedless to say, I knew anything from JoomlaWorks would be awesome!

K2 does have a little learning curve when compared to Drupal's CCK, but nothing major. You have to learn all extensions, right? Anyway, it does what I needed. Installs perfectly. Setup and config isn't terribly difficult and the results are fantastic.

I could go into deep details, but why? Let me just assure you that if you're looking for the best CCK mod, especially if you've used Drupal's awesome CCK, then K2 will make you smile!

Way to go JoomlaWorks!!!
byplaymedia, July 5, 2010
I saw a lot of these reviews, some of which are negative, so I wanted to step in and give my thoughts.
First off, the developers have done a great job... and they always do with just about everything they do.

Some people say it breaks JoomGallery: Not with me. Had no effect on it at all.

Some say it doesn't work it IE: That's total bull. It works perfect in Internet Explorer.

Some say "Good luck getting it to work out of the box":
I say that if you know how to install a Joomla! extension, then it will work. I have lots of extensions installed, some of which use Ajax and Mootools, and the only problem I ever had is wi=hen using the Wibiya toolbar. And since there's other good toolbars, I switched to another and no problems. For me, it worked perfectly out of the box.

I really think a lot of these problems people complain about is actually a result of their lack of Joomla! knowledge.

RokAjaxSearch is one of the few extensions that I will NEVER be without. Again, to me, it's simply perfect!
Thanks Rocket Team!
byplaymedia, July 5, 2010
My Favorite Pages
Well, there's so many things that's just not good with this. Like the person below mentioned, it's requires an older version of Scripto, which is impossible to find. I don't like the way it operates. It clashes with some other plugins and mods. For some reason, after I installed, my RokAjax Search stopped working.

Now here's my big problem with CD extensions:
Almost all require the Scripto plugin. And that's fine... but it takes you about 7 or 8 clicks to different pages before you can finally download it. In my opinion, if all of their extensions require it, then why not bundle each extension with it? Makes perfect sense to me. It's just such a pain to get to what you need.

In the end, this just isn't ready for release. Too many bugs to work out. Since it interfered with my RokAjax search, I had to uninstall and go with another solution.
byplaymedia, June 7, 2010
Phoca Guestbook
This is a phenomenal component!
Installed in seconds and in less than five minutes, I had it customized and had guestbooks and menu links up and running.

I needed just a simple, reliable guestbook and got that and more with Phoca Guestbook. Nice customizable parameters and can set the background, border and font colors without having to hack the css: wonderful idea!

This is a true gem and if you need a guestbook, you'd be crazy to go with anything else.

Awesome job, Phoca! Thank you for making such a great component.

Now I'm gonna go grab some more Phoca stuff!
byplaymedia, April 25, 2010
Modules Anywhere
Works great... just as intended. Is a lifesaver. Really should be added to core since this is a must-have for any serious developer. Wouldn't change anything about it... it works beautifully!!

Thanks for submitting such an awesome mod!
byplaymedia, April 16, 2010
Core Design Ajax Vote
I don't know if it's the jquery pluin or my template... but when enabled, it pushes my content down to the bottom of where my sidebar ends. This is the only plugin that has done this, so I have to assume it's the culprit. It worked, but didn't save the vote.

On the high side, the stars look very good on my black background!
byplaymedia, April 10, 2010
I just love stuff from JoomlaWorks. The extensions are always well-designed, well-coded... and just work as they should without a lot of "tinkering".

All Videos is no exception. It's just a fantastic plugin... does everything I need it to do. Love it!

My only issue is that I wish the new "Dim the Lights" feature worked without having to reload/restart the video and doing so in a Lightbox window. Wish it was more like Hulu's... where when clicked, the background just dims and doesn't disrupt the video.

But still, I had to give it 5 stars because the functionality is just super! Way to go guys!