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bypleco, December 20, 2012
Simple Mobile Detection
I have been struggling to locate a simple to use redirection tool for joomla if a visitor was on a mobile device. I simply wanted them to go to the mobile site.

Then I ran across and read about this extension, and not being a programmer, wasn't really sure what the use of it would be. I wrote the team an email and suggested that if they added an address field, to redirect visitor to a mobile site upon detection of that condition, it would be perfect for my use, and perhaps many others.

To my surprise, the developer added that feature within 24 hours! with one minor tweak by him, the following day, it was working perfectly!

I sent him 20 bucks on paypal as a small token of appreciation, and encouraged him to add a couple of other features and make it a commercial product. I would and will still buy it, if he does it.

Easy to use, works perfect and for now, still free. But send the guys a donation if it works as well for you as it did for me!
bypleco, September 27, 2012
JUX Mega Menu
I had a long day yesterday trying to make a certain menu work and couldn't get there. I looked at a dozen commercial solutions and at 4:00 in the morning found your dropdown menu manager. I liked what I saw, (course I was tired too… and desperately wanted a nice menu. So I took a gamble and bought the software, but was too tired to install it... 10 hours later, (few hours sleep and other work) I am again addressing this menu challenge and installed your software with the hopes of having a simple, but elegant drop down horizontal menu. The default settings of the menu from the moment I activated the module and plugin, was exactly what I was looking for! I wasted hours yesterday trying to achieve this. I am so happy with the results, that it is immediately worth the purchase price!
I cannot wait to explore the many other options that this incredible tool offers! I haven't even looked at the settings yet. :)
Of course, now, I will be taking a MUCH closer look at your other products. :)