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bypm4dev, October 6, 2011
PayPal IPN for DOCman
This could be a great extension, unfortunately in my case this required an update on Docman, they requested access to my site to make the changes but the new version conflicted with my template. You also need to make changes in Paypal to allow IPN to work and that is not part of the instructions. Support is slow, requiring constant emails to remind him that you need help. After many emails back and forth I decided to request my money back, well good luck if you have to do that. The sign on their site should read no money back.

If you plan to purchase this extension, make sure you have the correct version of DocMan, your PayPal account is setup for IPN and that you have the patience to wait for support. And don't try to argue with him.

The extension worked with the PayPal transaction process but failed to send the download link/attachment via email to the buyer. After many request to get the one single piece of information on how to setup the IPN in PayPal I just gave up. I went and purchased Documents Seller which worked right out of the "box" and their support is superb.
Owner's reply


I can not agree with that. I have provided you the needed support promptly and I have also provided you 7 screenshots of the whole order process working on your site, flawlessly.

The problem with your site was that you have disabled PayPal IPN, and I told you about it.

Also, the moneyback guarantee exists as stated in the license.

Since the moment of your purchase, the script was fully working, I showed that to you using my PayPal account.

I can not be held responsible for misconfiguration of your PayPal account, I told you how to fix.

PayPal decided your dispure in my favor, I hope whoever reads this thinks the same.

P.S. Good luck with "Download Seller", it does not actually check if transactions are completed, and who the money are sent to which chan be spoofed.


bypm4dev, September 16, 2011
Documents Seller
The module works! and has a significant set of options. What I liked the most was the level of service they provide, immediate responses to inquires. I tested the module and compared it with other similar products and this one fit my bill!

Installed on a Jooomla 1.5, made the setup for three documents with prices, tested with paypal sandbox and live and worked as advertised on the first try.

Good job Tuan!
bypm4dev, January 25, 2011
Marco's SQL Injection
From time to time our site gets these automated attacks, trying to access the site and probably its email system to send spam. As soon as I get the message I block the IP address.
Thank you for this great and simple extension!