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bypnut, January 3, 2011
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FlowPlayer Reloaded
I have tried many video players for many years. Joomla oriented and non-Joomla oriented. FlowPlayer is one of the nicer video players outthere. For Joomla it was missing a proper FLowPlayer extension until now!

A few benefits of this extension.

- works as a plugin / no messing about with modules
- installation is a breeze and out of the box needs no configuration, however it allows for different skinning and settings if desired.
- use default movie (plugin setting) size or use your own size for each movie
- uses the latest FlowPlayer (in contrary of other available FlowPlayer extensions that use outdated FlowPlayers).

For me this extension gets a 10 out of 10 rating. Haven't found any glitches. It simply works as advertised.

Forgot one huge benefit of this extension. It is 100% free!

Piet Nutbey