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bypolderweb, May 11, 2014
ARI Magnifier
I can recommend Ari Magnify and Ari Zoom as well. I received fast support when I asked for it.
I only get lost on their website....there are so many extensions, packages, plugins, demos and sometimes this can be very confusing.
For instance, I have bought Ari Smart Content package which contains Ari Magnifier, Ari Zoom and a lot more.
Later on I found out that only the single Ari Magnifier extension contains ARI Magnifier Anywhere plugin (which I needed to magnify K2 image).
The Smart Content package does not contain this plugin, so I had to buy seperately Ari Magnify extension.
These differences should be made more clear to my opinion.
bypolderweb, May 11, 2014
Filter and Search for K2
I know there are more K2 filter extensions, but this one can connect 2 fields (note: only one connection between parent>>child is possible).
It is based on K2 extra fields. Be aware of the fact that in K2 the values of an extra field cannot be ordered! This requires K2 core code modification and it is not recommended and may
cause a problem with already saved extrafield values. The values in the dropdownbox of this extension are ordered the way they are added to the K2 extrafield.
Andrey helped me to make it possible to anyway show the values in the dropdownbox in alphabetical order. Really great and fast support! I recommend this extension to anyone who needs to filter K2's content.
bypolderweb, July 18, 2013
BNR Comment Notify for K2
Unbelievable, but K2 does not support notification emails to webmasters if someone has placed a comment. Yes, there is a report option, but that's only for visitors so they can report comments to the webmaster in case these comments contain bad words, etc.
This plugin makes it possible an email is sent to one or more emailaddresses after a comment is placed. Just what I needed! I had a conflict issue with the plugin and contacted the developer. He solved it right away and that's why I give this plugin a 5-star rating. Well recommended!
bypolderweb, June 11, 2013
B2J Calendar for K2
Just what I was looking for! I was missing an option to use the creation date, so I mentioned this in an email. Two days later a new version of this module - with this option - was available. GREAT WORK!
After tesing a lot of multi sharing plugins I must say: THIS IS THE BEST! I only needed Facebook, GooglePlus and Twitter + the possibility to exclude certain articles + change some CSS and this plugin offers it all! And it's FREE!
Great job!
bypolderweb, November 25, 2010
RSform Pro
Why? Easy to use, continuous developing, lots of possibilities, great support and well worth the money.
bypolderweb, May 1, 2010
Slider Imagemenu
I was looking for a nice image-slide menu which didn't conflict with other installed modules and working fine in all important browsers. This module is the one! However, if you have no knowledge of css, javascript and php you will not be able to change image size and add more than 5 images. It would be great if extra parameters would be availabe for this purpose. It would also be nice if you could select an image folder within the Media Manager. You now have to use FTP to change the images in the module's image folder. Anyway, I am glad with the result!