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bypolleke, March 8, 2014
Great and nice component. Just what i needed. Easy to use in the fronted (with a little knowledge of creating articles)and in the backend. Nice modules . Easy to alter colors etc.
one (small)minor point. Maybe you can make europian likeable. by creating a 24h clock instaed of am and pm. And not the 12h checkbox.

But stil EXCELLENT (in capitals)
Owner's reply

There are configuration options to choose 12h/24h time input and also for the display of times to site visitors.

Please follow up in the support forum at if you'd like assistance on how to configure this.

bypolleke, August 20, 2013
AJAX Register
Installed and working within 5 minutes. Works perfect.

Just missing 'adding emailadres to acymailing'
bypolleke, November 18, 2012
You did a great job here. I've worked with alfcontact for some time now. It great to have it for this version of Joomla.
Keep on the good work
bypolleke, October 23, 2012
RS Cool Mp3 Player
Wow.. within 2 minutes up and running.
Needed it for a memorial website on first world war. Not for music but for spoken text.
Just enter the mp3 name. change some colours and sizes and it worked.
bypolleke, October 9, 2012
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I have been using Vm for a number of years. For my shop with download products. It worked fine together with paypal.
It was recommended to upgrade to 2.0.12. So i did. What a nightmare was that. Now finally up and running (lost 4 days selling) there are no downloads possible (not implemnted in VM 2. Except when you buy an special plugin.
Very very disappointed. I will downgrade to 1.1.9 again. So i have time to find an other e-shop.
bypolleke, October 7, 2012
I was looking for new forum instead of CcBoard. And with the possibility to migrate ccboard to the new forum.
I found an older version of Kunena 1.7.2 (thanks to your support). I installed it and imported ccboard. It worked great. After that the upgrade to Kunena 2.0.2 And to was easy. All done in less the n2 hours.

By the way it looks great too.
bypolleke, August 14, 2012
Cookie Alert
5 star support. I had some problems on a website but was solved by support within 10 minutes.
Works great.
Thanks guys.
This is really a nice captcha, but it does not work on templates created by artisteer. tryed about 20 sites made with artisteer.
There is no forum and question are quick done with; this is not an osol problem. I say if you know it is not an osol problem you can also say what the problem is.
Change this and it is really a very nice captcha.
bypolleke, June 29, 2010
AcyMailing Starter
Hi Guys this is the best newsletter i found so far.
It is all i need. For this moment the free version will do fine.
The support is also very good.
I created and send my first within 10 minutes, without reading any documentation.
bypolleke, February 25, 2009
Installed within a few seconds. My first form in 10 minutes. So easy to use.

Support is great (quick).
bypolleke, February 24, 2009
Phoca Gallery
Just installed Phoca gallery on my third website. Just as Phoca download and Phoca guestbook. The support is very good (and quick) and the documentation is also very good. It is all easy to install and to configure.