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bypontikos, August 24, 2014
Admin Menu Manager (pro)
I love this extension. I almost use it on every site I build, to deliver a simpler and customized admin navigation to my customers. Carsten is always prompt to provide assistance through the forums if needed.
bypontikos, December 22, 2013
I have work with hundreds of extensions and I can say that Easy Blog is one of the best I have came across.
They have carefully implemented cool features that any blog may need, with much front-end control.
Easy Blog will satisfy any user that will choose to go with it.
In case of needing support, they respond quickly and promptly.
bypontikos, November 5, 2013
JCH Optimize
I always use JCH optimize on my sites with good results.
But this last release of the plugin, just took speed optimizing on Joomla at top level.
I had no hesitate to go for the Pro version of the plugin, mostly for a thanks to the developer and after trying it on a few sites, I found that it works better than ever and in many cases out of the box.
Truly fantastic job - Well Done.
bypontikos, August 8, 2013
RAXO All-mode PRO
I am more than 3 years a happy Raxo customer. I have used this module at so many websites in so many different ways.

The team in Raxo is focused to produce a polished product and they are thoroughly planning each and every new feature in order to keep their top quality.

Briefly the module can be configured to work as a popular, newest, featured, most rated and many more different modules types, with so many further arrangements and settings, like categories and date filtering and so on.
All of the above settings can be done in the module's instinctive backend configuration panel.

However the real power of the module is the templating capability.
Raxo comes prepackaged with some templates, extra templates can be purchased separately, but it also supports custom templates which can be produced with ease by customizing the template php/html code and the css.

Of course the aforementioned knowledge at some level is required.
But for beginners, the ready-made templates can be proved enough and the support is always there to guide them to the right direction or to solve issues.

And the next good news is that Raxo team recently released a new K2 compatible version - listed also in JED.
bypontikos, August 8, 2013
RSform Pro
I really like RSJoomla work. I have tried some of their extensions and all I can say is that they produce quality software.

RS Form in particular seems to me like their leadership extension.

Works out of the box and users can create from simple contact forms to almost any communication - visitor interaction form.

The possibilities are huge, as it supports custom scripting and SQL mapping, where form posted data can be mapped in any db table - allowing seamless integration with any extension.

Few more points:
Quality code compliant with the joomla standards, good and responsive support that includes an active community forum with many suggestions and an adequate documentation with many tips and examples, reasonable pricing, active development that listens to their customer requests.
DT Register
I am using this extension on a client's website since 1 year. I have to admit that it offers many features, that hardly can be found all together in another extension.
But here they start the issues. Too many features and many new are being added with each release, but each new release comes with many bugs (new introduced or older are not been resolved).
The worst is that the support has become unresponsive with Tickets or Forums posts stay unanswered for weeks, and for bugs that are affecting the basic functionality of the extension.

I find this to be very annoying and unacceptable for a product for which someones pays to get support - and this isn't the cheapest of the extensions.
I was patiently waiting for the support and the development team to come with a solution, but there is almost a month now and there is no solution neither responses.

My client is angry with this and I think I am going to loose him because his business is based on this extension and all they get are issues. They do not accept to pay me extra money to try to fix something that they already have paid for and expect to work.

As said, great product, great features with potential but stay away if you need an extension that will work with no issues out of the box or if you are expecting a responsive support when you need it.
bypontikos, December 13, 2012
I m giving 5 stars to this extension despite it is not yet 100% ready and mature. It worths finally the 5 stars mostly because it has a great potential and needs the attention by the joomla community.
First of all it's free. Second the developer is passionate with it and provide fast responses in support requests. He gave me the feeling that he wants to see this extension growing.
And I strongly believe that this extension has plenty of room and chances to grow, as it opens a whole new world of possibilities for our beloved Joomla and the native article management.
Now in the usage, at first, it is not the easiest and most straight forward extension for beginners, but at the other hand with some efforts and research everyone can make use of it, even if he has to ask for help from the support.
There are several improvements or enhancements that can be implemented to this extension and all depends on the direction the developer will take for it.
For example:
Focus on making it a system for developers to deliver a custom ready to use CCK solution for their customers ?
Put more efforts to make it even easier with back-end creation of html templates output for the end-users?
Create patterns for integration of the custom fields, like the drop-down list, to get data from other extensions ?
In any case the possibilities are endless here...
Even it is still under development, I believe it needs the support and the attention by the community. Its functionality can be considered a must have or even be included in the core as it shows the potential to drive joomla to even higher flights.
Can't wait for the future...!