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byportofsandiego, August 21, 2008
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Flickr Suite Content
On its own it's amazing. However I've noticed two problems. If you have any plugins that use the rel="lightbox" attribute then this will open two slideshows on top of each other. The workaround is to hack the code to change the rel attribute to something other than "lightbox" if you are using the slimbox style. Next is a fatal problem on systems that use DOCMAN. Front-end document management is impossible with this plugin running because both extensions call PHP PEAR simultaneously and you will not be able to access the document management interface. Please fix, and this will be a perfect plugin!
Owner's reply

We are currently running DOCman and the latest version of the plugin that can be downloaded on the website and do not experiencing any troubles with the combination of those two. If you like we could have look to see if we can help you out to see what’s the problem in your case. In that case, please contact us via our support forum.

About the Slimbox issue. Hacking into the Slimbox code to change the “rel” tag is on option. Another option, one that we will support in the next version of the plugin (v0.6), is a configuration option to select whether the slideshow javascript is embedded by the plugin. This way, upon using multiple plugins that utilize slimbox, the administrator is able to make sure the script is loaded only once. This feature can save bandwidth and makes the upgrading to a later version of slimbox a whole lot easier. ;-)