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PDF to JPG convertor and viewer
I follow Joomla since 1.0 and have a dedicated server running debian and really need to be able what this extension propose.

It doesn't work out of the box, but if you google imagemagick you will find support to install imagemagick which is needed and also you will find link to install imagick for php.

Example : On debian, I just do the following command line

apt-get install imagemagick
apt-get install php5-imagick

I install the commercial plug-in (10$) and activate it... the rest is just explain above

I didn't try on classic hosting providers, but as it is said, you probably be able to make it work with a little effort.

Thanks to those developper and especially Satish who have made this plug-in for joomla
Owner's reply

Thanks a lot for the reply, I am happy that PDF to JPG plugin was helpful to you. Regarding the extra effort of installing imagemagick I had already mentioned in the details that imagemagick is must, so either you must install or server should have component. I am pasting the lines again.

NOTE: Server must support ImageMagicK and ImageMagicK command line command should be executable through PHP script.

bypouss, April 15, 2012
Many thanks to Lazybackup contributors cause it helped me for many years. And thank you also for the simplicity and all the features brought.