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bypower87, September 21, 2013
Edocman will work out of the box but for perfectionist like me its a bit much more work.

I found some small and some bigger bugs during my test period.
Also i had some special requirements where i came to my end of php skills.
In situations like this i added a support ticket and as far as i saw there is only one person behind Joomdonation. That means that you have to wait a bit, answers wont come in 5 minutes but in 1-2 days which is ok. The solution was very comfortable, i explained the problem, forwared ftp access and after some days the problem was fixed.

Edocument was the only solution for me which offered a very nice, easy to handle permission system. Now i am able to offer every customer specific files, stand alone from other customers. The system is very easy to handle so that also unskilled colleagues are able to handle it. For that its necessary that they have access with a lower permission to assign docs to specific users.
bypower87, August 24, 2013
My Maps location
Its my 2nd tool from Joomunited, of course i am using also other tools with costs from other companies but nobody has this kind of perfect support.

I am using the tool as a distance calculator for my customers and also for my own. So its much easier for me to calculate the driving costs.
Sadly i had a big problem cause the shown distance from the tool was not the same as the google route. The support helped me in the last weeks and integrated new, better calculations so that in the end everything was fine.

I had one big problem and some smaller ones and the support helped me with a lot of patience until everything was fixed.
bypower87, May 21, 2013
SEO Glossary
I have searched for a glossary which is easy to handle and which is W3C valid.
This glossary was the perfect choise, you have only to define a category and define some words with a description and the plugin will mark every defined word in the whole joomla content automatically.
Sadly i had some problems, the reason may be the server version or other installed plugins which produced a conflict.
But the support was awesome they programmed in less a week a new version specially for my settings now everything is fine.