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Do not think by my review's title that I think JFusion is complicated, but there are a few well thought out steps required to make installation and configuration a success. That being said, it is possible to get it right the first time. I installed JFusion 1.2 on J!1.5.15 (J! as Master) with slaves phpBB3.0.6 and Gallery 2.3. By the plug-in credits it appears that the author of the famous Gallery2 Bridge had his hands in the creation of the Gallery2 Plugin for JFusion, and by all means JFusion is THE WAY to get G2 fully bridged with bidirectional logins, fully embedded integration, and FULL USE of G2's SEF URL's, all in Joomla 1.5 full Native Mode. This is the first time I've been able to get G2 to work "perfectly" with J!1.5, period.
bypowwowtime, November 15, 2009
CB Captcha
Our site has been using this plugin for several months and it is nearly eliminated spambot registrations. "Nearly" because a very rare few spammers do sit there and manually register, but CAPTCHA is the cat's meow for keeping the vast majority away. Please note that the version in the free downloads, according to our experience, requires Legacy Mode; there is an update for CB Documentation Subscribers (recommended) that runs in full Native Mode. As an alternative, the CB ReCaptcha plugin also in the JED is less customizable and requires registration for public/private keys (free at this time), but is Native Mode compatible.
bypowwowtime, October 5, 2009
I wanted for a component to replace using a bridged Gallery 2.3 installation that I used for several years because of its comprehensive customization features. JoomGallery turned out to be a fine choice for my sites and my clients' sites. I am currently working with JoomGallery on Joomla! 1.5.14 and it integrates well with my CB 1.2 -- all in full Joomla! Native Mode. Installation was a piece of cake. Beside the Component there are several Modules installable from the Extensions manager and one Community Builder Plugin installable from the CB component panel. The JoomGallery component panel is chock full of options. Though it takes time to sift through all of them, the fact that they are offered means this component allows heavy customization where some others seem to take a one size fits all approach. I love options and so do my clients. And unlike what I've been using for all this time, this is in fact a true Joomla native component requiring no bridges or file hacks, so my Joomlapack one button backup now protects my photo galleries, too. Nice job on this one!
bypowwowtime, September 8, 2008
Akeeba Backup
From the time I downloaded this component to making my first backup was about five minutes. The only thing else I'd like to see, if one were to twist my arm and ask me that, is the option to backup to an external server ("secure" FTP?). Otherwise, great component. Five stars all the way.
bypowwowtime, November 26, 2007
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This is the ideal calendar for I also did some code mods to add additional fields, generate a Google Map and AccuWeather forecast for each event. Once I clean up my code additions a little, I'll submit my version back to Joomlacode as a derivative or hack in case anyone wants to add these features.
bypowwowtime, November 26, 2007
I found this component very easy to install and configure. You can use a simple, single layer category scheme and run a "Craigslist"-like site or you can create several layers of categories and subcategories. Once you get the hang of things, this is a very powerful classified ads system that will accept a fair amount of customization.

The only glitch I could find is its inability to upload PNG files via the new ad submissions form. I suppose there's a fix, but copped out and simply changed the appropriate language file entry accordingly, with JPG and GIF uploads being good enough for me.