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JCK Editor
Hello everyone

I am using joomlaCK editor 5.2 in my joomla website.

When i am using Firefox then sometimes editor not loads.But when I moved to Safari without an issue and then later in the day was able to use Firefox again. THAT'S THE ISSUE - the editor sometimes works and sometimes doesn't.

Owner's reply

Hi prashantb423, thank you for the 5 stars. Software doesn’t stop working and then magically start working again because of this we can rule it out as a likely cause. Most modern browsers use isolated tab browsing, which can eat up memory. This does two things: In the event of a page crashing, you only lose the tab of the page that crashed, as opposed to losing the entire browser. The other unfortunate side effect is that it creates a heavier CPU usage.This could explain why it stopped working in Firefox (due to running low recourse running low) and then starting working again at a later time and that it is also working in Safari. Try these trouble shooting tips which I hope will help: