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bypremier69, June 27, 2010
I was testing this in all major browsers and apart from Chrome that opened the popups blank, no content it worked in all others to the point of perfection.

Tho, I'm afraid of using this on my site due to not getting it to work with Chrome, small as the chance is that the old ladies that are my customers aren't very likely to use Chrome.
bypremier69, June 7, 2010
ARI Sexy Lightbox
the support is phenomenal and coupled with the very low low price I jumped on this and don't have a single regret!

They even custom made some work for me to get Joomla menu's to work with this!
bypremier69, June 4, 2010
to developer:

about your plugin, do you know if there’s any issues with internet explorer 6 ? I am running a virtualbox windows xp with sp3 and internet explorer 6 for testing compability with my website and in firefox your buttons shows up just fine in the content but in IE it reserves the space for it, but its empty.