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byprilly, March 14, 2014
I like the fact that it uses the Joomla images folder, so it's very easy to change my slideshow whenever I want.

This module installed very easily, setup was a breeze and it looks wonderful. I'm very glad I tried this module first; I don't need to look any further!
byprilly, December 3, 2013
It only took me about two minutes to set up my Google Calendar in a module position. And it works without any conflicts (I was getting invalid token errors with another calendar module.) And it looks great. Easy to customize: just adjust the Google Code snippet.

Thank you to the Developer for an attractive and Super-Easy Google calendar.
byprilly, December 2, 2013
Slideshow CK
I've used a lot of Joomla modules and extensions: I am very impressed with the quality of this module. It has many options, is very flexible. Looks beautiful. Works very well. Accepts a lot of slides. Adjusts to different sizes.

I didn't understand why I was getting Buck Bunny in my slideshow, but that is an easy fix... Click on VIDEO button for each slide until you find the one that has an url for the Buck Bunny video. Delete the url and it's all gone. (And now you also know how and where to add a video if you want to.)

Thank you to the developer, this is outstanding work IMO.
byprilly, March 23, 2013
MyPuzzle Jigsaw
I've done a lot of research on Jigsaw Puzzle scripts, and this is one of the best I've seen. It has all the latest features, plenty of options and it's just a really cool game. I hope they will upgrade it for Joomla 3.0 soon.
byprilly, September 10, 2012
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I installed this on my new Joomla 2.5.6 site and enabled the special plugins to go with my special components... and the sitemap was completely empty! It didn't even recognize my Joomla articles much less the addon component pages. I doublechecked everything, enabled and unenabled and enabled again, but it was just an empty sitemap. I've used xmap in the past so not unfamiliar with it...

I've been using the XML-Sitemap generator on my Joomla sites. It's not a Joomla component but it does have a Joomla configuration and it read all 2900 pages on my site accurately with no arguments. And Google webmaster tools accepted my Sitemap without argument. So I'll continue to use that.

I expected a favored Google component to work better, but I was disappointed.
Admiror Gallery
I wondered why this extension does not have a Live Demo... and it's because this is a "Do-it-Yourself" Joomla gallery, so there is no standard configuration!

Admiror Gallery uses Joomla's own Articles, Categories, Image Folder and Menu to create a Gallery. Which sounds as if it might be complicated or tedious to work with, but it's not! I set up my whole custom Gallery in an hour, including the learning curve and looking around the Admiror website.

I'm very happy with my custom gallery. I was able to create just what I needed for an educational/resource website. For me, it was easiest to select a Joomla Category List for a menu: this made an instant Gallery with links to all my Gallery pages.

Thumbs are generated automatically from the images folders (you can adjust size and shape of the thumbs in the plugin settings.) I put my folders within the images/sampledata/ folder and my images were all detected automatically.

This is a brilliant plugin. (And remember, it's a plugin so it needs to be enabled in the plugins area of the Admin.) There are plenty of settings so you can tweak it to look just the way you want.

The best way to SEE what this Admiror Gallery can do is to play with it. I'm not a programmer, but I'm a fairly experienced Joomla user so I didn't have much trouble setting it up. If you're a Joomla Noob then you possibly need a Gallery that has everything arranged for you. But if you know how to work with Categories, Articles, and Menus this is basic stuff for most Joomla users.

I was wondering why Joomla doesn't come with a core Image Gallery. If it did, THIS is the way it should work. Admiror Gallery is not an overly-simplistic gallery however. It's very flexible.

Like I said, these programmers are brilliant, IMO. This is a wonderful plugin for Joomla.
Owner's reply

You make us blush. Thank You so much for great reviews, we appreciate it. We call all interested to help and support project through some of our fundraising campaigns. Currently we are going for next release of AG:

byprilly, April 13, 2012
Random Flash
I wanted to use the Sweetykeeper Game on my Joomla 2.5 site, but it hasn't been upgraded since Joomla 1.5 and didn't work. Then I saw this module and thought I'd try it. Works like a charm! I just used the SWF file from the Sweetykeeper install package and that's all it needed.

I can see a lot of potential for this module!! I'm thinking of looking for other free SWF files I could use on my site... there are lots of possibilities for games and fun stuff, besides some really cool design elements.

You can use the module with just ONE swf file (like I did with Sweetykeeper), or you can run a series of them on one page.

Installation was simple. I made an article with a Loadposition on it, then selected that position for the Random Flash Module. It's really nice when something works the first time around!
byprilly, April 7, 2012
Spearhead Facebook Like Button
I've had problems with Facebook LIKE buttons in the past, they never seem to work very good. This module installed very easily, the parameters were straightforward and when I checked my site: every page had the LIKE button on it, and it works. Why is SUCCESS so astonishing???

Yes, I highly recommend this extension. I LIKE IT.
byprilly, April 3, 2012
JaggyBlog started out as a simple little blog program but the developer continues to add to it so it's a very well rounded single-user blog program now. Easy to install, easy to use with very clean design throughout. And the "universal" style fits into my existing template without any style adjustments.

Some time ago I wrote a tutorial on how to use Joomla 1.5 as a blog, and when I got done I thought: this really IS too complicated. In order to get Joomla to behave somewhat like Wordpress I had to scout around for various extensions (some of which were no longer supported after I began using them.) It was a ton of work putting it together, and the only GOOD thing about all that: I really learned my way around Joomla.

So IMO, it's better to find a good Blog component and use that instead. I tried a few of them, free and commercial. This is the most impressive Blog component I've used. And yes, it's "commercial" but 5 euro is really CHEAP and well worth it considering all the time it has saved me from trying to make Joomla be a blog on it's own.

I installed JaggyBlog and it was already on the Menu and published when I clicked on Menu to set it up. What a nice surprise!

I'm very happy with this component.
Simple Spotlight
I've tried quite a few image galleries and slideshows in the past few years. The QUALITY of this mod was very evident.

First of all, it worked! I'm leery of anything with javascript, mootools or jquery because they can mess up a site unless the developer really knows what he's doing.

This module has many controls for speed, transition, and size, PLUS you can add links for each image and specify whether they open in the same window or a new window. You can even turn off specific images (you don't have to have all of them running.) To have so much CONTROL over each slide makes this a very powerful module.

Also, I didn't have any problems with size or placement. It looked amazing from the moment I turned it on.

Thank you, Thank you!
This is a wonderful utility program! I transferred my users from a Joomla 1.5 site to another domain using Joomla 2.5. (There's a different version of Userport for each version of Joomla.)

Userport's instructions are very clear: the documentation is part of the component, so it walks you through each step carefully. I can see that it's very important to READ them.

I did do a test, as recommended, and I was glad I did. I fixed a few things with the CSV file and then it worked like a charm when I did the final import into Joomla 2.5

I highly recommend this component. It's very professional, in my opinion, and very well thought out. And super-easy to do. Besides being extremely useful.

Userport can also do some utility functions with the User list, so it's helpful for more than initial setup with a site, too.
Simple Informer
I use this extension to announce birthdays and other family events on our family forum. I was a little dense about the setup at first, but once I caught on; it's very easy.

And you can put in any date you want on the list, and link to different graphics for each. Lots of fun!

Thank you to the developer, this extension was a brilliant idea!
Owner's reply

thanks, prilly!
your post made me check module for compatible with Joomla 2.5, and seems it work fine :)

byprilly, February 22, 2011
SW KBirthday for Kunena
This is a GREAT module for Kunena, and works with the latest 1.6 version! The module announces birthdays in the Sidebar (or wherever you plant the mod.)

It also does a very neat trick: it can post a Birthday announcement in a forum. This is an optional feature, and it's easy to setup: you just enter the ID number of the forum you wish to use. I tested this feature and it works. Wow, this is a big help for web owners and forum administrators!

Thank you for a very nice Kunena extension!
Article Lister
I've tried all kinds of extensions and cluttered up my Joomla admin with stuff that just doesn't do what I wanted.

All I wanted was a LIST of articles in the sidebar so my Joomla blog would actually LOOK like a typical blog. This module does that.

And, the installation is SO easy. Install the module, fill in the parameters... Kindergarten-level stuff.

I love this module.
I agree with others that this is the best forum for Joomla. And I agree that version 1.6 has lots of very nice improvements, such as automatic resizing of images when users upload. Kunena is a significant forum system that deserves respect and support.

However... I am surprised at all the glowing reviews because there are some problems yet with this new version. If you have a restricted or private forum for registered users only, then bad things can happen.

1. Category setup. If you have a restricted or private forum, Administrators cannot access the forum at all unless you ALSO specify the backend access. I fiddled with that a lot until I was able to get it to work. Not only do you have to specify who gets access but you MUST appoint moderators for that forum (including yourself) or nobody with an Admin ranking will be able to get in. ALSO... remember to publish the SECTIONS as well as the categories. I got so twangled up in forum settings that somehow the sections got turned off. (It's easy to get twangled when things aren't going right.)

2. When you're done setting up a new component, the last thing you do is make a MENU item link, right?? Oh, this was worst nightmare I've had in months. If you have a private forum, the MENU links won't work! I read everything in the Kunena forum, I followed all instructions and I spent 6 or 7 hours simply trying to create a menu link that didn't generate error messages. Apparently Kunena's router needs some tweaking? I don't know what's wrong but IMO, this problem should have been fixed during the BETA testing stage.

I believe this is what you must do to create a menu link that doesn't generate errors:

a. Make sure your Joomla is UP TO DATE and create a NEW Joomla menu. Create an entirely new JOOMLA menu (not a third party menu.) Don't use your old Joomla menus, make a new one. (You can copy links over to the new one.) But you need to create an all-new Kunena link, keep reading...

b. Go into the Kunena configuration and go to the CONTROL PANEL. Select the icon that says CREATE MENU. This will generate a menu link that works. You may have to search through all your menus to FIND the link that Kunena just made. It doesn't matter where it lands, you can move it to the menu you want.

c. If you have other forum links with the same unique id name, there might be conflicts. Since Kunena generates a FORUM link with the unique name of forum (which is not very unique), you may want to change it's name to something much more original. Or delete other links which have the unique name so there's no confusion.

d. It might be necessary to use entirely NEW sections and entirely NEW categories in order to discard old kunena code. I'm not entirely sure if this is right, but 7 hours of trying to create a menu link; I discarded everything that was from Kunena 1.5 in case legacy code was the problem. Some of the error messages did indicate that legacy code was the culprit. (But we all know that error messages usually have nothing to do with the real error.)

If you're successful in generating a forum menu link that works without errors, don't change it and don't touch it. If you want to try to tweak your Menu link, make a copy and adjust that instead. I found that no kind of tweaking worked no-how.

ANOTHER BIG PROBLEM: you can't link to a specific Category or Forum directly. This is a real pain because we only use one category for my Forum, but we can't make a menu link for it; not without breaking the router.

SO, I created a hard-coded link at the top of my HOME page that goes directly to the category I want, and it works without errors. But I can't set up a Joomla menu item for that category and as a result, I can't set the forum as my DEFAULT home page either, even though it's the main purpose for our family website.

I really hope the Kunena developers address this issue soon because I'm not the only one who's had major frustrations with simply making a Menu link. It shouldn't be this hard, it really shouldn't.
Owner's reply

Hi prilly,

Thank you for your detailed feedback. It's great for the Kunena Team to receive such things in order to keep improving Kunena.

One point of correction: Yes you CAN create a menu link to forum categories. You just create a Joomla menu item, choose Kunena Forum, then choose Category as the type. You'll have a selection there of all your forum categories to choose from. Very easy. If you had posted a question on the Kunena Support Forums about this, we could have pointed you in the right direction (you're a registered user, but haven't made a single post yet). If you post your issues there, our great team will be happy to answer any other questions you might have and save you lots of time!

Thanks for using Kunena!

byprilly, August 5, 2010
Social Media Icon Links
This is my favorite of all the social bookmarks mods. It's simple and effective, with good options for customization. It couldn't be any better, IMO.
I needed a tree type of menu for my blog. I tried lots of things from the JED and was starting to get very frustrated. For one thing, I was looking in the tree menus, when this ARTCATS module was over in Articles Listing... shouldn't this be combined or cross-referenced with the menus somehow? Because ARTCATS is basically a very GOOD, configurable tree menu.

There are plenty of parameters so I could get just what I wanted for my menu. It seems to me that the code in this module must be very good because it was super-easy to install, with great results immediately. I was actually surprised it was so easy.

I wonder if ARTCATS is ready for Joomla 1.6 because it appears to allow nested categories too.

Very nice! All thumbs up!!
SPGM for Joomla!
I needed to post 100 photos of people, with their names. I didn't want to use a heavy duty component for this.

I thought it would be an easy project, but wow, I was wrong. Finding the right gallery was frustrating. Some of them cropped the thumbs so only noses and teeth were showing. Some didn't allow captions. Some could only handle 20 photos at the most before they bogged down. Hours of work, installing many modules and plugins, and I had a really lousy photo gallery to show for it.

This morning I noticed SPGM and since it mentioned there were a lot of configuration options, AND it's lightweight (I tend to bog down my Joomla sites with too much heavy stuff), I decided to try again.

I was very delighted with the results! SPGM can handle a few photos or a lot of photos, gracefully. Uploads are incredily easy, you can see everything you're selecting. It's fast. Thumbnails are automatic. Lots of configuration options for captions and titles, rows and columns, thumb sizes and photo sizes and slideshow.

The spgm.conf parameters file is available in the back-end admin area of SPGM... look for the THUMB photo that's named spgm.conf (it's underneath the list of galleries.) This was the only odd thing I found about the program: the parameters file was hard to find and I almost missed it. I think it should be listed in the upper right with the other menu items, where parameters icon is usually found. So that's why I'm telling you where to find it.

Just click on the spgm.conf thumbnail and you'll find lots of options to tweak - and then save the file. Very easy! I had to play with the options a bit until I got the results I wanted on the front end.

I also adjusted the spgm.css file a little, and now everything looks great.

SPGM is very easy to work with, and provides an attractive gallery. I'm sure I will be using this very NICE gallery solution for many more projects.
Owner's reply

Thanks for that and good suggestion re the spgm.conf file - that should quite easy so watch out for a new release in a few days.

It WORKS, it looks GREAT, and it's EASY ... What more could you want? :)
byprilly, March 12, 2010
Yes, it's easy to set up. Has good configuration options in the module. It looks nice on the page.

I was especially happy with this module because it allowed me to enter multiple Twitter IDs. I couldn't find another Twitter app that displayed info and users in quite the same way as this one. This is a very logical format.

The price is very reasonable. Thank you for a great module!
Owner's reply

Thanks to all for such awesome reviews .Suggestions are warmly invited .Thanks again

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