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Gary´s Cookbook
For a free component, I expected something simple but this is a full-fledged Joomla component and it's very nice!

I think there's a shortage of social-type applications in the JED, especially things that are more "feminine" in nature. So this is a real find. Perfect for an online lady's club.

VERY EASY to add new recipes from the front end!

I was amazed at all the field options, which allow for comprehensive field searching if you want to use them. Such as Cost per Portion, Gluten Free, Vegetarian, Dietary (low calorie), and many more. So there's a lot of potential, beyond the ordinary paperback cookbook, if you want to tap that potential.

I think someone who was writing a cookbook would find this script very useful for organizing and sorting.

The interface is simple in design, so it fits right into my site without any fuss.

To customize the cookbook for your site, be sure to find the language file (en-GB.com_garyscookbook.ini) and change Gary's Cookbook to whatever you want. You may need to download eXtplorer from the JED in order to do that. It's the usual problem of file permissions (caused by the Joomla installer somehow?), and eXtplorer file manager is a real lifesaver. I use it all the time on my Joomla site: can't live without it.
byprilly, February 25, 2010
JV-LinkExchanger (jvlinx)
I've used many different weblinks/ads programs. Most of them had a ton of features that I didn't need or want. I love this! If all you want is a nice links program, it has all the essential features. I can see that a lot of experience went into the planning and design of this "light" version. I think it's perfect.

Very easy to customize. That was important to me, in fact that was the main reason I went looking for something other than what I had.

The database tables are simple, with all the weblinks information (category, parent category, description, title, active status etc) included in ONE table, which means it's very easy to import lists from a text file, using your favorite MySql utility.

The forms for submitting links are VERY easy. I like to keep things simple for my users so they will be more inclined to participate.

I like JVLE much better than the web-links program that is included with Joomla. And I like it a lot better than the over-complicated clunky program I struggled with for a year and finally gave up on.

I'm very grateful this program is in the JED. If I need more, I'll look at their full version. So it's nice to know I can upgrade if necessary.
I'm currently using JFusion with Zen Cart and I love it. I'm using the OSCommerce bridge that comes with the program.

Because of Zen Cart's peculiar way of doing logins, it's not possible to do the "Master Login". JFusion's Doc files explain why. But at least all my Zen Cart users are imported to Joomla properly. My customers do have to login to Joomla separately, but I think that's OK as long as they don't have to register separately.

Setup is a little fussy with JFusion, but it's worth the learning curve because once it's done, you can really walk away and forget about it. JFusion is very reliable and works flawlessly.

I used an earlier version of JFusion about a year ago: I used the VBulletin bridge. Since then, I see that they have improved installation and setup so it's much easier now. And you can install upgrades right over the existing JFusion, without having to uninstall first. I like that!!

JFusion won't be a solution for everyone. If you want to have Zen Cart as your Master program, then it's a great solution.

If you choose Joomla to be the Master program, then there are problems because Zen Cart does not have Usernames. And almost all Joomla programs need them. So if you want to setup a full social site or a bulletin board to work with Joomla, you may run into complications because none of the users will have a USERNAME. And you don't want the email Address to be broadcast to all visitors as the user ID.

JFusion allowed me to set the Joomla login for EMAIL instead of USERNAME. So it works with ZenCart without a hitch.

I am only using Joomla to add a blog, private messages, a game, Twitter link and Ecards. These are things that Zen Cart does not have and I wanted them.

If you wish to have a fully integrated Zen Cart and Joomla social site, you would probably do better with one of the fully integrated packages for Zen Cart/Joomla, which are mentioned in one of the Joomla Forum Threads.

Thank you to JFusion for such an amazing bridge program. It's one of the most awesome products in this Joomla extensions directory.
byprilly, October 3, 2009
I was afraid to look into site translation components... I was sure it was going to be an ordeal. I installed this and it works perfectly, immediately. Less than 5 minutes to have a multi-lingual site!

Of course I chose Chinese as my first sample language, and then discovered that I couldn't read any of the languages in the language list either, so couldn't revert back to English. (I had turned off all the flags: I didn't see the point in using them.) Now I'm using the flags, too, so I can get back to English again. :)

This is a really great module.
byprilly, July 28, 2009
MaQma Helpdesk
This looks like a really good system but the free or "non-commercial" version has Tickets and Knowledgebase disabled so it's not even a working Demo. So I can't actually evaluate how it works. The setup was fairly standard for this kind of system and everything looks nice. Well organized. But I couldn't test it because the critical features weren't functional. If you want the program you have to buy it. The price is reasonable.
Owner's reply

There's a trial of the commercial edition where you can try the other features :)

This is a lovely program. There is excellent support on the forum: I got responses the same day as posting.

The only tip for new users: make sure your categories have cards in them. If you have any empty categories, the program might not show on the front end. Other than that little discovery, I had no difficulty installing and using RWCards. It's very nice, looks great, and very easy to use.

I make the ECards from photos that my users contribute, so it's also a community project. If you're using Jomsocial, there's a "userpoints" hack for RWCards in the Jomsocial support forums that gives userpoints when the RECEIVER of the Ecard goes to read it on your site.

RWCards can also work like an Invitation system. I created one category with invitations to my site, which any of my users can send to their friends. And, get userpoints!

I'm very pleased with RWCards. It turned out to be much more flexible and useful than I expected. Very, very nice!!
byprilly, May 4, 2009
Very well thought out module, with nice add-ons. Very easy to set up. I have a collector site, so I set up the prayer center with a different template, away from the "busyness" of the rest of the site. It's like a little chapel. We have always shared prayer requests in our group, even though the site is mostly about our hobby. The point is: the prayer center can be implemented on a lot of sites and not just church-related.
2J Tabs
I needed a little help getting started, and the developer was very prompt in replying to emails. He sent me a file to show how he did the setup. I'm sure it would be easy for more experienced Joomla users but I'm still confused by the connection between articles, sections, categories and modules.

Once that was sorted out, this is VERY easy to setup. I created five articles in one category (one article for each tab.) Then select that category in the 2JTabs module. Refine the settings, put the 2JTabs module in a Position and enable it. It was such a surprise to see it worked immediately without any fussing with the settings. Wow!!

This Tabs module doesn't conflict with anything on my site. I've had lots of problems with javascript conflicts, but apparently this one doesn't use javascript even when it's running in slideshow mode. If it does use javascript they've refined it so there aren't as many problems.

This program is compiled so it's not as easy to do custom CSS but there are 21 style sheets for the tabs so it doesn't matter. Besides, most of the "styling" is done in my articles where there is plenty of freedom for designing.

This module is well worth the modest price. It's just so good!! It adds lots of glamour to the front page of my site, without causing any trouble for anything else on the site.

There are lots of potential uses for this program. I'm so happy with my first set of tabs, I'm trying to figure out how else I can use it, because this was FUN.
I had very specific parameters for my Gallery, and I wondered if it was possible to do what I wanted. I needed it to allow user uploads, with a number of restrictions. JoomGallery blew me away! The configuration is so very detailed (and yet so very easy to do). Within a few minutes I had it all working, and tested, the way I wanted it. I work with a lot of scripts and software, but this one really amazed me. Very flexible, very easy, very attractive! If I could give JoomGallery more than five stars, I would.
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