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This is a very well done extension. My one wish for an enhancement is for the ability to email the author of an article when a comment is added...or for a user to subscribe to a thread. Currently, you have to hard code who to notify. This isn't a flexible option.
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Hi, as you may see in the "Your contribution is needed!" section on the Homepage,
yvComment project needs help in this area:
Create content subscription extension for Joomla! (or find existing one...)
There is a need for the option that every user can choose some commented articles where he will be notified if there is a new comment. So the user will be notified only if a favoured article had new comment.
I think, that this should not be "yvComment's feature" and some more general 'Joomla! content subscription extension' should be created (or existing found and adapted...), that would allow user to subscribe to new articles (and updates...) by: Section, Category, relation to specific Article (e.g. "Subscribe to Comments of this article") etc. I don't know about such extension yet.
My current opinion is that some plugin to Community Builder is needed (to integrate CB with yvComment to allow user's preferences) or maybe next version of Joomla! will include some "suscription API"...

byprocca, May 25, 2009
Phoca Gallery
Extremely well done...with one major limitation. Users a limited to submitting photos to only one category of their choice or to pre-existing categories they've been given access to. This is not a sustainable model if you have a very collaborative community or large numbers of photos belonging to multiple people. It will become too difficult to keep organized. Otherwise amazing!
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Hi, I am working on new user - frontend - behaviour.

Please check forum for up to date information

Random MP3 Player
Almost exactly what I needed. Would benefit from IP tag support, or at a minimum replace the streaming text with the name of the file minus the .mp3 extension.
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This has been added in the pro version of the module