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byprom3th3an, September 27, 2010
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I'm a IT undergraduate at University, I run a gaming community in my spare time who's website is based on Joomla.

We were looking for a suitable forum integration package as at the time we were running phpbb3. After initial difficulty of setting it up, triple checking the configuration etc, Jfusion failed to work as expected. Seeking help, I went to the forum asking about my issues providing detailed information, however he developers ignored my thread. The one developer that was active on the forums was seen commenting in other threads saying he had little to no knowledge of the phpbb3 integration.

After reading this, I decided to move my forums to SMF and try again. This worked and worked well, but randomly broke about a week ago, again, login related issues. When I tried to uninstall Jfusion, it rendered both pieces of software unusable. I have since reinstalled my website from scratch.

My advice is to look at the alternatives before opting with Jfusion, can you use one of the Joomla Forum extensions? (Im now using Kunena) or if you must run a seperate forum, do you REALLY need to integrate it. Its important to remember that the pieces of software were made standalone, and that any extension to change that is effectivly a hack and increases the chance of incompatability with upgrades or something breaking as mine did.
Owner's reply

The forums are very busy and a post can get easily get missed. Maybe you should bump a post rather than assume people are ignoring your single post on purpose. Your post says:

"I have phpbb integrated into joomla frameless, when I login in this way, it works fine."

You say it works perfectly, but want some help adjusting the cookie settings so it works both in frameless and standalone. Thats easy, just read the wiki on how to change your cookie settings to and the cookie path to /.

Not sure why you rate an extention 1 out of 5 stars when you say yourself it works fine, but just want to fine-tune it slightly.