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bypromo214, August 31, 2014
I have a magazine website with over 3000 pages. Have used 2 or 3 other sitemap generators in the past, the most recent one being a $$$ paid for generator that I thought would be the answer – alas, I could never generate a complete sitemap without one problem or another. Finally decided it was time to find an alternative. Glad I found JSitemap. Since installing I have seen a significant increase in traffic. The installation was fairly easy with only a few questions for John along the way. His response time and solutions were second to none. Once you get familiar with the extension and options, and take a fair look at the well-written documentation, it becomes apparent this is one robust extension that has no drawbacks I can see. Well worth the money.
bypromo214, March 11, 2014
Not a single complaint about this extension or the support received to date, the latter of which I’m happy to say has been needed only a time or two, and the responses were more that quick enough for my needs. Being a six-month newbie to Joomla, I was pleased to find an extension that does so much, yet so simple to implement. Well worth the modest expense. I like an extension that works as advertised “right out of the box”, and a company – Alex, I assume? – that cares enough about its product to make sure its customers are happy. This newbie is lovin’ Joomla, SourceCoast, and JFBConnect so far. I do not expect to have any regrets down the road. Go for it.
bypromo214, August 31, 2013
I have a new Joomla 3 site and would like to use the Most Popular articles module. However, I would like to exclude the hits from robots and web crawlers. The JProExtensions website claims:

“Robots visiting your pages will not count hits (a list of over 300 bots is checked for matching visitor type)”

(I assume they mean the hits from over 300 robots will not be counted)

I installed the plug, and while it did prevent selected User Groups from incrementing Article Hit Counters (as advertised), it did NOT seem to affect the bots. I emailed support and was told:

“The only way you can avoid that is to disable all hit counts… no way in the world you'll be able to keep bots from hitting your articles, unless they are not publicly accessible. Our extension is just a tool that gives a hand to the problem.”

I was given a list of bots in the code that the plug was supposed to block, and indeed, googlebot was among the many bots listed. I watched my top article counts in the Control Panel, refreshing the page every 60 seconds until one article showed a hit. I went to the access log, and sure enough, another hit from googlebot.

I replied to support that I didn’t expect the plugin to block ALL bots, but “GoogleBot???” I would think it would at least block that one.

I received no reply.

I’m sure they’ll say it’s my fault. I’m just saying… it didn’t work for me.