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bypryanick, December 3, 2012
Stay away from this extension!

I bought this extension to kill duplicates in Google indexing.

It is resulted in:
1) increased site loading speed
2) increased number of duplicates
3) No custom 404 page as promised

Just check their support forum before to buy. You I have found dozens of users with the same problems but without any support to solve it.

I actually was so shocked that nowadays the products like sh404sef can survive.

I lost my time, my money and Google positions.
Owner's reply

Hi pryanick,

Sorry you have such bitter feelings. I think you should have tried contacting support before giving up less than 2 days after getting sh404SEF!
We could have answered your concerns:
- as with any SEF extension, there is a performance hit, on default install. Now with sh404SEF, you can enable not only a URL cache but also a global database cache that will actually speed up your site (user reports up to 10%)

- it is technically impossible for sh404SEF to create duplicate content. That's because sh404SEF does NOT create any url. It only "translates" them from non-sef to sef. Every URL you see on your site has been created by Joomla (and installed extensions), not by sh404SEF
However, sh404SEF does PROTECT you against this Joomla habit. I think you might have been mistaken by the fact that sh404SEF shows you a list of duplicated urls it has found in Joomla, and maybe you thought sh404SEF created them?
In any case, all those duplicate urls are grouped together by sh404SEF into one unique URL visible to search engines and visitors. That's one of its primary feature.

- the custom 404 page works fine. Again, you might have needed to talk to us in case something went wrong on your particular site, but that's also one of the founding block of sh404SEF. It's not only customizable, per language, but also includes a similar url feature, to help users go to the page they were probably looking for.

Hope this helps, do not hesitate to contact us back in case you want to have a second look.