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byptruble, May 17, 2013
GPS Tools
This component is excellent. Maverick the main developer is super fast with responses to support questions and does all he can to fix any of the very few issues that have come up. Most of those are easily found in the forum and anyone can fix them themselves. I highly recommend.
byptruble, September 8, 2012
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Easy Like and Share
The idea of something being free is that it will have some level of usefulness in its free form. For a plug-in that is supposed to share your content with social networks, it only serves that purpose if it posts to the most popular social networks, ie Facebook and Twitter right out of the box. This plugin is technically "free" but it serves no purpose without buying the ability to utilize the most popular networks. Its like winning a brand new car only to find out you still have to pay for the engine.
Owner's reply

Well you what they say. The best things in life are not always free.

byptruble, March 28, 2012
I have been using JoomShopping for several months now for my survival gear and camping equipment site. The component has been easy to use and I have found the additional modules/addons to be reasonably priced though the component functions fine without them. As my prepping site grows, I am hopeful that I can buy the full version. As far as support is concerned, I have found almost all the info I need on the forum, though their response to my inquiries have gotten either a very slow response or none at all. This is why I am not giving 5 stars.
Owner's reply

Sorry it is because we do not have a mail or phone support.
Some users think email adress on our site can be used for questions. We have now more then 100.000 joomshopping users and we not able to give awnsers to mails ..

So if you have questions we have a forum on our site.
Also we offer consulting but minimum order is 200 Euro and therefore maybe you can try at first to find awnsers in the forum.

byptruble, March 28, 2012
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En Masse
I recently purchased the latest version of Enmasse (3.0). The biggest reason I got the component was for the promise that 3.0 would have dynamic attributes. Doing my due diligence, i went into the pre-sales forum and confirmed that 3.0 had the attributes. I was told by the developer that it did. I bought the extension and quickly found that attributes were no where to be found. After contacting support and not getting any answers after 48 hours I asked for a refund and still have no answer on that. I have used the component in the past and believe it has potential but I really dont like being misled into buying something that doesnt do whats advertised and confirmed.
Owner's reply

Dear Sir,

Please re-check again the dynamic attribute feature in our LIVE DEMO site if it matches your need. If not, please email us in details what you really need so that we will consider to add into the Product for you.

By the way, I think there are some problems with sending/receiving your email as we asked you to send us the receipt as procedure for refund but we didn't get your reply too.

Sorry for inconvenient caused and thank you for your comment!


byptruble, March 1, 2011
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When I first started using the Proform, I found it easy to use and the forms themselves look great.

The only problem I am having and it is huge is that there is no way to list a form in a category under a menu without the other forms from another category appearing. The proforms menu only allows for one option in Joomla, and that really hinders its ability.

I did try to get assistance, but when I try to connect to service it does not work. My purchase and service key are less than a week old.
Owner's reply

Here is the proof:
Our contact form is made with Proforms and is directly accessible via the top menu.
If you click to contact it appears directly without listing other forms. Furthermore we also provide a form in content plugin.
This user hasn't read any manuals (we provide a very informative section at the helpdesk called "Getting started" ) or asked for assistance.

If users can not reach the helpdesk of whatever reasons we advice them to send an inquiry via the normal contact opportunities at the contact form mentioned above and the contact form at the shopping cart:

If someone doesn't know how to connect to the helpdesk we give assistance at the faqs of the shopping cart:
and at the service description at :

This review is lie!

Best regards,
The Mad4Media Team.