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bypuffermedia, March 29, 2011
css2switch Basic
Since building my own Joomla template framework I won't have much use css2switch, but this well-built extension helped me out a couple of times when all other customization options had failed. Much easier than managing multiple templates, especially if one only needs to change a few small but perhaps important structural details to particular pages. It's dead quick to slice through thorny layout issues on especially customized sites, or templates converted from client designs/HTML. I'm sure there are many other uses for the creative template designer/developer and this is a handy, easy to use tool.

My only caveats. It's 'branded' —so if you like your HTML output to be clean and free of other developer's URLs and comments you're going to need to get into the code to redact all that. In that sense, it's a kludge: a brute force method of making your CSS work on Joomla. It's also a lot of configuration and it's yet another extension to manage if all you're trying to do is some simple unique page styling; make sure you can't accomplish what you need with template overrides, using the Page Class Suffix, or some other method of granular CSS control-by-page. Finally, I don't know if this will be ported to 1.6 and beyond but due to improvements in the core of Joomla's template engine it seems that a strong designer/developer wouldn't even need something such as this.

But as it stands, for Joomla 1.5., this is a fast way for a HTML/CSS developer to get designs Joomla ready without having to get into a lot of the deeper Joomla customization that can be intimidating.
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The branding in the generatortag is removed in newer versions. Kind regards, mediahof

bypuffermedia, January 25, 2011
Obviously, this is a great extension that is useful on most Joomla websites that serves well an important need. It is, by and large, really well implemented. The plugin system helps it integrate with a host of other important extension. 9 times out of 10 it works on install with minimal configuration. And, importantly, it is an active project.

But as others have said, there is virtually no support. For instance styling without hacking the core; perhaps it's possible but it's not obvious or in keeping with MVC. If you have problems be prepared for some work, or be brave.

But I see there is already a 1.6 version and from the looks of thing it has been refactored to make template over-rides easier. So it looks like this will continue to be a 'must have' extension for Joomla for the next generation.
bypuffermedia, January 23, 2010
Add to Menu
Makes development, editing & administration of Joomla content that much more simple. Like other extensions it's well implemented, actively maintained, and dead useful.

Absolutely best in class.
bypuffermedia, February 18, 2009
Akeeba Backup
Even if you're the most seasoned Super Admin, absolutely comfortable exporting database tables and reinstalling backups, I'm sure that this extension will have something to offer you.

If you're a intermediate level developer, I cannot stress how much easier this makes working with a joomla site.

For example, I have a localhost development site, a live test/launch server, and the live site. If I make changes to the live site or the development server, I can make a mirror of the revised site as easily as doing a clean joomla install. Or you can build you're own core joomla install, with all the extensions and changes that work for you, pack it up. And then rather spending the hours re-configuring each joomla install you done as soon as you run the install, and you can get to the business of building your site.

There's a lot of deep control about what and where to pack. So if you think that this has nothing to offer you, check it out. I'll bet you'll be surprised.
bypuffermedia, February 18, 2009
This just keeps getting better and better. Actively updated and improved. Bugs squashed. New layouts of the componants makes working in the backend even easier. Integrates with just about any other extension, and can eliminate the need for many others with its plugins and advanced functionality.

One of the best joomla investments I've made. For real.
bypuffermedia, August 29, 2008
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An absolutely essential extension for joomla. It does what it says and then some. The integration with CB and fireboard is excellent. And the development is ongoing. Yea!

Please support this extension!