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pugwash obviously

bypugwash obviously, November 6, 2013
JCH Optimize
Worked straight out of the box, delivers huge improvements.
Just make sure you load it last as suggested and keep it there.
Then play with the settings to get the most out of it for any given site.
bypugwash obviously, September 11, 2013
Header Tags
First, this plugin works straight from the box, excellent.
Second, if you use K2 you need this! Category titles are rendered in K2 as h2 and Item Titles as h3. This plugin has resolved the tedious solution I had implemented on other sites.
bypugwash obviously, June 20, 2012
Event Booking
The extension is easy to use, comprehensive well thought through. I did have a problem with Paypal integration which appears to be the result in a change to their IPN messages. I raised the a query in the Forum and Tuan replied quickly asking for further information.
I had a problem getting the forum to accept my reply so I emailed him.
What I did not expect was for him to track down my Skype name and contact me direct.
Despite the fact that it was past 10 in the evening he collected data from me, analysed it and updated the php. He sent me the file, I uploaded it to the site and the problem was resolved.
That is service of a very high order!