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bypuniksem, July 5, 2014
JE Form Creator
I've used a few form generators and found this one to be basic but easy to use for beginners, however there are a few grammatical errors in the language used and spelling mistakes in the component. The features are not explained with a built-in help file, however it doesn't take too much playing around to suss out the options available. Conclusion, for a small $15 it's okay to make basic functional forms.
bypuniksem, July 1, 2014
Phoca Email
I'm surprised that Joomla doesn't provide a single user contact point for administrators, however this component is really handy for single and Cc and Bcc copies too. incorporates integrated editor making quick messages really easy to compile and send. Thanks Dev for this free handy tool.
bypuniksem, June 23, 2014
MJ Slots
I installed this not expecting much for the app, but soon found that it was well made and highly addictive feature, my members love it, they're playing it like mad already!. They even buy more points to keep on playing. Well done Lebill and team, you deserve the recognition for your hard work and great apps.
bypuniksem, June 23, 2014
MJ Hold'em Poker
This developer (Lebill) sure does show the big boys how to develop reliable and good looking Joomla apps, I have bought this Poker app expecting some half cocked company with poor support, I was pleasantly surprised to say the least. Okay the component was a little pricey but once you get to grips with how it functions and with a little tweaking of the code, the poker game is something special and your members appreciate the professional sleek finish. It makes them want to spend money and then the $59 dollars you spent on this app seems easily and quickly pays for itself. You'd be a fool NOT to add this to your user entertainment portfolio.
bypuniksem, April 7, 2014
Kunena Social icons
I'm using the Kunena forum v3x with an advanced CB integration and it works fine with it. displaying a configurable set of social sharing buttons on every topic header. My members started using them almost immediately. Would be nice to be able to centralise the totals of each share button in the Joomla backend. Thanks Dev's
bypuniksem, April 2, 2014
DataSafe PRO
I run a highly populated forum style site with a very active member base, if I couldn't do hourly backups I would panic every time someone posted! I simply did not hesitate in buying this based solely on the existing reviews. I suffered a serious database failure after installing a badly coded plugin. Within 3 minutes I recovered everything!

bypuniksem, January 31, 2014
Marco's SQL Injection
I have tried to find an effective method to prevent, or at least hinder SQL injection attacks from wannabe script jockeys, so far this plugin has stopped two such attacks. I like the idea of IP blocking. It's a shame that so many wannabe hackers are using automated Pen-testing software to find vulnerabilities. none more so observed than that on WordPress and older Joomla installation. I have no errors to report on the functionality of this great plugin (as yet) and encourage the use of this plugin to anyone looking for FREE SQL injection protection. Keep up the good work Dev'. 5 Stars!
bypuniksem, August 10, 2013
Admin Forever
I've used and recommended Joomla Forever for quite some time now and since upgrading all my sites to 2.5.x I cannot do without it, I run a number of online shops that require I stay logged into the admin and this just just that. Clean simple and NO fuss.
bypuniksem, April 6, 2012
After a recent hack 'defacement' of my site, I went on the hunt for a reliable anti-hack solution, this plugin seemed to fit the bill and was the right price FREE. So after careful study of other reviews and opinions I gave it a try. I have now installed it on 9 of my sites that were frequently attacked, and to date none of them have been defaced since. With regard to removing the backlink, just select disable on the 'Link back to SiteGround' option. Thanks for a great FREE plugin. Highly recommended.
bypuniksem, November 11, 2011
I have been using Joomlawatch since it's earliest versions, and have to admit that for a long time I used it in FREE mode. however as my site progressed from a small site to what it has become today, Joomlawatch has become and invaluable tool for assessing the traffic throughout my site and offers the ability to control the spam traffic as well.

I recently ran into a couple of conflicts with Joomlawatch, and was quick to contact the support service at Codegravity, I was impressed not only with the speed of replies but equally impressed with the standard of support offered. Needless to say the issues were addressed and now all is well.

All too often we take free software for granted and fail to understand the why we should pay the small amount asked by the creators of this fine piece of software. IT'S WORTH EVERY PENNY a hundred times over! 10/10 from me.