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bypurpur, June 18, 2012
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Simple RSS Feed Reader
My hopes were very high based on positive feedback given here. Yes, extension was easy to install, and easy to set up.

Still, the extension did not do what it was supposed to - I was looking for a RSS feed reader which could retrieve set number of items for all specified feeds. This only shows feeds from last added feed. There are several support requests on their support forum regarding this as well. And none of the support requests regarding this problem was answered.

Easy to uninstall too.
Owner's reply

You probably misconfigured the module. Actually, what makes this module great is the fact it combines multiple feeds into one output. Just make sure you set how many items to fetch per feed AND overall. If you retrieve 10 items per feed and your feed total is also 10, then if one of your feed sources is more often updated, it will show up first (since everything is sorted by date).

bypurpur, May 3, 2012
TopCloud is an extension which is extremely easy to install and configure. The configuration options are very good "out of the box" as it is and suits for most users as such.

I wanted to be able to use phrases as "single keywords" in the cloud in such a manner that phrase would appear as a single link in cloud instead of being multiple separate words. I also wanted this extension to hide keywords which are not used on public articles as long as user has not logged in (or doesn't have privileges to see those articles).

I contacted the owner of the extension and I got feedback very fast. After changing few emails the owner had included extended functionality to fulfill my needs for the extension in new version of the extension (branch? no knowledge will the functionality be in public version of the extension). After the modifications were added the extensions was exactly what I wanted from it.

The customer support was very swift and professional, and went beyond my expectations. I recommend this extension to anyone.