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bypwidner, May 22, 2011
My QR Code
The example shows all the qr types and values working together. After installing, I found that the module only allows one qr type to work at a time, unless there is something not explained as I have searched for and tried custom coding. The extension installs but there are no instructions and the forum has questions that have gone unanswered for several months. If it was free I wouldn't complain. Why charge $2 for something undocumented? It has been an all day adventure trying to get it to work as in the developers example. I would really like to get this to work. I think it would be great to use as shown in the example.
Owner's reply

I tried to contact this user be they provided a bad email address. How am I supposed to provide support if I can't contact them? There is plenty of documentation on the site to get started. If anyone ever has questions there is a contact form on the site or you can email me directly and I am happy to help, but I do need some way of contacting you.