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byqazwart, February 7, 2012
There is no documentation with VirtueMart 2.0. The documentation on the website is for the older version which works very differently. Nor, is there much help in the forums.

I'm a developer and usually can figure out how to setup a piece of software, but VIrtueMart is really overly complex and non-intuitive. All I wanted to do was have a place where someone could add a text field -- something I did with VirtueMart 1.5.

The software might be great if you can figure it out, but I spend a week and decided to move on to something else.
byqazwart, February 13, 2008
Simple Image Gallery
Download the pictures into a directory, create your story and add


to your story. That's it. Thumbnails are automatically created and displayed. Clicking on the left or right side of the picture advances to the next or previous picture. User interface is obvious and well thought out.

Directions and documentation is excellent. However, there are some minor limitations:

* No picture order: The pictures are displayed in alphanumeric order. You can't specify the order.
* No resizing: Thumbnails are created automatically, but the picture images display as actual size. We had to resize our images because they were too big.
* No comments. Only the file name is displayed.
* No layout options in the thumbnail gallery. Thumbnails are displayed depending upon the width of the webpage.
* Can take a while to load. Thumbnails are created on the fly.

Obvious you can't use this for a site that is selling paintings, but for most sites, this works great.I'm quite happy with it.
byqazwart, February 13, 2008
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Can't get much easier:

* Install Mambot
* Setup your folders
* Download your files (optional)
* Add the right mambot extensions in your article.

AllVideos Plugin also allows you to play videos hosted on remote sites which can save you quite a bit of bandwidth.

Only one minor k'vetch: The mambot assumes the file extension. That is, if your file is foo.mp3, you put it in as {mp3}foo{/mp3}. Unfortunately, if you're on a Unix system, and somebody called the file foo.MP3, you can't get the file to work until you make the suffix lowercase. It would be nice if AllVideos could detect the suffix instead of blindly adding it to the filename.