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The Geocode Factory
This is a remarkably flexible mapping solution, because it allows multiple maps to be created for different purposes.

There are main maps for a primary page and module-based maps. All can be customized to show the users or map information that applies to a particular purpose. It can do so much that I highly encourage reading the documentation thoroughly before you start. I found I was able to do things I never considered, and they helped make my sites unique and interesting.

Of particular use for us is the association of Geocode with Community Builder. The ability to customize maps in a tab in each user's Profile has been a critical capability, especially for professional groups looking to show clients how to reach them.

Rick, the developer, is a joy to work with and very responsive. You can't go wrong here.
byquantumgravity, February 20, 2014
JCal Pro
I'm a long-time user of JCalPro who decided to try the chief competition. While I have nothing negative to say about the competitor, JCalPro works better for our users.

We believe JCalPro is templated better and is easier to use. For example, the "Add an Event" link was difficult to find in the competitor, but it's a beautifully-formatted, easy-to-find option on in the JCalPro layout. That seems true of most of its functions.

Historically, it has been much better integrated with Community Builder than the competition. It's not as good as it was, because they're a few months out from integrating CB profile calendar features in Joomla 3.2. But it's historically been a welcome link between a user's personal profile data and the site calendar.

Finally, I was moved to write this review because of recent excellent support. We had an odd problem with the search plugin, and they didn't forget us. They couldn't duplicate the problem but determined what might cause it, and fixed it with today's new release.

We recommend JCalPro highly.
byquantumgravity, January 16, 2014
Mailster is, to me, a critical component of the Joomlaverse in its ability to tightly integrate email, and particularly an internal mailing list, with a Joomla website. My client had used a Mailman mailing list for years for 130 lawyers and was reasonably happy with it, but it was completely separate from their website. They were two ships passing in the night. The user lists didn’t correspond, and a lot of very good information was shared on Mailman that didn’t make it to their website. That’s a critical loss for a group that is trying to build a searchable database of information that grows in value over time.
Mailster changes all that. It duplicates the capability of Mailman as a closed listserve and adds many more very useful (and kind of amazing) features:
1. It integrates tightly with Community Builder, so you only have one database of users. You no longer need to do painful user reconciliations between the group’s website and its listserve/mailing list.
2. You can add users, permanently or temporarily, to a mailing list who may not possess registered access to the website.
3. You can create as many mailing lists as you want, all from the same interface. This is useful in my client’s case for subgroups of lawyers who might be collaborating on a project.
4. The archives are immediately available on the front and back ends, and are searchable both with a Mailster search and a Joomla full-site search. Attachments appear in the archives (unlike Mailman, which drops them), and they are likewise searchable. This is huge. It means that all the information the group shares is available on the website and easily found either by search or using the menu items for the mailing list front-end archives. A list view and threaded view are both available.
5. Archives for multiple mailing lists can all be set up to be viewed on the website, each with their own menu item or all combined. Using Mailster’s user group tools and Joomla ACL, you can restrict archives to a subgroup of users.
6. Even a complete Mailman archive (but even better, including attachments) can be integrated on a website using Mailster. If you want to keep a Mailman list active, you can set up a public mailing list (perhaps with a complex, non-guessable email address) in Mailster with just one recipient, and list the complex address of that mailing list as a user on the Mailman list. That way, Mailman will send its emails to Mailster, which will incorporate the archive on your website (including attachments). The archive can be viewable by registered users only if you choose. (Note: Mailster is not a "Plugin" solution for Mailman, and imports no existing data from Mailman.)
7. There are lots of possibilities beyond even that. Many of us have clients that are terrified of adding something to a website. But they’re not terrified of email. You could set up mailing lists in Mailster by functional category and give each of them a separate email address. Users who email something to that address will find the contents of that email in the website archives for that category’s email address. This is not the same as Joomla categories … you can’t email an article to a category. But functionally, it gets pretty close to being able to do just that.
I think of Mailster as a flexible bridge between (1) the email interface that everyone is used to and (2) your website, a group’s listserve, specialized mailing lists, and the searchable content of the website itself. It’s a wonderful tool.
One other note: Holger, the primary developer, is extremely knowledgeable, professional and responsive. If you need clear and fast help, you’ll get it. But get Mailster Pro … it’s worth it and necessary to do much of the above!
byquantumgravity, August 26, 2011
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Google Maps by Reumer
Mike Reumer deserves a world of credit for producing a well-documented, versatile extension that gives you a variety of creative options for your site. When I installed it, Google had a bug immediately thereafter. Mike chased it down with them and kept me informed throughout. It was fixed the next day.

Also, I hope people contribute to Mike's cause ... when someone puts something together that's this useful and of such high quality, we can kick in something for its maintenance. Plus he provides a link to his contributors!
byquantumgravity, May 6, 2010
What a terrific job. I used this extension in development for the past month and have been very pleased with it. Version 2.0 came out, though, at just the right time. For my user group, the ability to add an attachment while the article is first being created is HUGE. The prior two-step process worked well, but was inconvenient and turned off professional users (lawyers) with little time or technical ability. For them (as for most), simplicity is critical.

This capability is clearly needed for Joomla's core, and I can't imagine a better solution than to just adopt this. Drupal had a decent article file attachment capability years ago; I'm not sure about Wordpress. The lack of the ability to attach files to articles in Joomla's core was, for me, its biggest weakness.

Cameron has done a tight coding job on the front and back ends, documented it beautifully, and by all accounts his support is top-notch (I haven't needed it yet, but I haven't yet used all Version 2.0's new functionality.) He even has a Mailman mailing list for new developments and news.

The existence of this extension makes my site work, especially with Version 2. I haven't yet seen a commercial package of any type that beats this for quality.

I couldn't recommend it more highly and give Cameron my compliments and thanks.
byquantumgravity, March 23, 2010
Forms can be complex, but Breezing Forms is well-named. The product and support make form creation as easy as it can currently be done. The "QuickMode" is for novices, but it's extremely capable. Site users would never know that a coding expert hadn't created the forms they use. It's extremely easy to change a form, add fields, change behavior, and modify its look among pre-configured styles.

Still, because people want forms to do so many things, even the QuickMode allows you to enter JavaScript to govern the behavior of fields or the form itself. For example, you may want it to autofill with a user's previously-entered information. The product can do that with its own subrecords in the database, or using script to go out and capture the table in the database you need.

Now the best part. As you can imagine, the professionals at BreezingForms have to deal with a lot of customers, including me, who know little about coding. If the forums can't get you through it, their tech support that comes with the subscription can. These guys/guyesses are extremely good at figuring out problems, and best of all doing it collegially while making you feel good.

I agree with the previous poster that getting repeated subscriptions is worth it just to be sure they're properly compensated for what they do and how they do it. Form requirements aren't necessarily simple, but you can't go wrong with this product.

Particular thanks go to owner Markus Bopp of Germany and U.S.(?) tech support guru Michael.