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Redshop funtions are great, it has many useful functions, you need to read wiki to config it properly, but some functions are hard to use, and document is not completely so i have submit some tickets to ask how to config(for example: custom field for product).

They did NOT support via forum at all, if you post a question in the forum, you need to wait until die to get answer, event you report bug, it seems be ignored in the forum.
You need to paid to membership to ask anything. But support via ticket(paid membership) is effective but sometime it takes few days to get bug fixed.

The template is terrible, it's VERY HARD to use, if you use built-in editor to edit template, it always strip out the code and make me crazy. If you want to make many changes for redshop template, it seem be impossible to edit via editor. Some tags seems not be updated as they will not be replaced properly by redshop, and description for the tags is poor, so hard to understand what the tag use for. And redshop template use many tables that does not meet the model web standarta and have some W3C error in their template. I asked for support, they said that i can overwrite redshop template, but in this case, it's not friendly because it use mixed redshop tags and php code, and i have to go to backend to check for each redshop tag. And in some case, it's hard to use(For example, check for condition, because it's not php varible, just a string that will be replaced when redshop parse the template), it think redshop MUST improve their template in the next version.

Redshop backend config is complex with many settings, and it's not friendly for end-user, if you are developer and want to use redshop build the shop for your non-tech clients, you need to spend time to teach them how to use.

And if you need a any cusmization, the fee is VERY HIGH, you need to consider this before you buy if you can do any customization by yourself. The price of Membership subscription is higher when compair with other shop cart extension in the market, and they will charge you 350 Euro for new payment gateway(i asked), event they will have right to sell it to other users. And 100Euro per hour for any custom work, event with some MUST HAVE features that redshop is missing, for example: Redshop will not send active code on registration if you use this feature in native joomla registraion form(so you MUST turn this function off to use redshop registration form), or captcha on the 'Ask question about product' form(i get many spam email via this form and have to build it myself because i ask them but they did not want to impove it, they said they don't have any plan for this but can do for custom work, and the fee to build it is very high(100Euro/h)),...

So redshop is not for simple shopping cart and just with few products, it's only for complex shopping cart and for who are expert in code, and can config and do customization theirself(i need to spend a month to learn how to config it, edit some code to fit my needs and test it all) or for who willing to pay 100 euro per hour for custom work by redshop staffs.

For now, i just give it average rating and wait for the new version if they improve the component, i'll consider to give it higher rating.
byqvsoft, November 17, 2010
I use this component since v1.0, but i don't want to upgrade to new version, because it still has some issue:
1. When you create new category, don't know why category name is stored in 2 table, so when you change category name shown in [List Quotes] still not changed.
2. When you delete a category, all quotes in this category is not be deteled.
3. When you add new quote, default Published: No, so you need change it to yes every time you add new quote, the default shouldbe [Yes]
(Rquote 1.5.3)
Owner's reply

All your concerns have been addressed in the new version. Please download version 1.5.4 now available.Thank You

byqvsoft, April 18, 2009
Mosets Tree
It's powerful and flexible component!
Recommend if you want to build a directory site.