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byr.herder, July 30, 2012
For my Joomla 2.5.6 installed this, which didn't was very succesful: triple links in the sitemap.
After this I uninstalled everything, the component AND the plug-ins.
Then re-installed JUST the component.
Now it works as it should.
Maybe this review can help some others.
byr.herder, November 17, 2010
Phoca Download
Great component, just what I needed. Easy install and easy to get it working.
And.. after I donated a certain (free) amount of money I got the extra module for File downloading and YES.. the owner (Jan Pavelka) is prepared to send you the code for removing the 'powered by..' code which normally is at the bottom of the results. Some web-owners dislike such stuff.
And NO I don't have any problem with donating for such a good extension (read: for all the hours codewriters like Jan spend in developing).