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byraa, July 27, 2010
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ARI Quiz Lite
Wow, this is one the few times I've installed an extension and everything worked without a glitch. Creating a quiz was no problem after I found out how the system works with quiz categories, question categories, etc., and in which order you must create them. Fortunately, for the on-line help is very sparse, it's all pretty intuitive if you think about what you're doing.

Then, I published my first quiz... and almost fell down of my chair. The system had placed the modules with the various quiz results without asking me, even on the front page. When you edit a Joomla website on-line, real-time, this stresses you because suddenly users can see something they're not supposed to see. OK, I quickly disabled the modules, the quiz, took a deep breath and went to it, to understand how Ari Quiz Lite functions. Again, not difficult at all. After one hour I had published the first quiz and it all looked and behaved as I wanted. One hour more and I had customized the templates for the web and for e-mails with seal, signatures, etc.

Well, now it all looks pretty good and impressive. Ari Quiz Lite is a great extension! Congratulations to its creators at Ari Soft. It does everything it should and does it well. I found a couple of small bugs (nothing horrendous), but I'm not sure yet whether they are Ari bugs or Joomla bugs (Joomla sometimes has a mind of its own).

Since this great extension is free, I feel I should contribute by offering my assistance for free to anyone working with Ari Quiz Lite and needing help. Are you stuck? Do you have a question? Feel free to mail me.

To see the end result in proper action, please visit At the bottom of the front page, to the right, there's a demo test for our students with all functionalities, but visitors are welcome to take this test as well. For the real tests, you'd have to be a registered student.

If Ari Quiz Lite is this good, then one wonders how the full version must be!

Five stars to Ari Quiz Lite (and I'm known by my students for being stingy with grades).