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byracefanatic, June 9, 2011
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I have to agree with the last post on everything..this may work fine in 1.5 but it does not work in 1.6, I think the developer thought he could just say well it works for 1.5 why not 1.6..

I got it installed fine, followed the directions in trying to add the AppID and secret key but the directions are for 1.5 and when you try to add them you cant..

I to spent some time on there site and finally found there forum post a message several days ago and still no reply..

So beware if installing this on 1.6 should be fine on 1.5.....
Owner's reply

Hi try installing latest version 1.7ex for joomla.

byracefanatic, October 20, 2009
Community Builder
I first want to say this is a good componet easy to install takes some time to learn all the ins and outs.for me a beginner i was almost over come by all the options it has,,except for one no captcha unless you pay for a membership?? i find this odd since alot of other mod's or comp's out there offer it built in..would have given a higher rating it it had it....