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byraceforheroes, January 16, 2012
Version Verification Tool
This is awesome. My site was hacked and was showing spam about viagra to searchbots. I spent hours trying to find the malicious code but got no where (The original span came from the openx market place).
I tried admin tools (akeeba)but just got 500 errors when I tried to run the file checker.
I installed this component, ran it and found the infected file in seconds. It was actually in a very obvious place but 1 line at the top where I didn't notice it.
Thankyou, this is a life saver!
byraceforheroes, August 23, 2011
Spider Menu
Nice looking menu but you should really give some credit to the person who created it in the first place before you just ported it to joomla..
byraceforheroes, June 10, 2009
Blog Calendar Reload
Great module that works very well, but I installed it on a rockettheme template (refraction) with joomlaworks superblogger and couldn't work out why google refused to index my site.

After running it through xenu I found the module was producing thousands of useless urls (the server slowed to a snails pace whilst xenu ran the link request) nearly 3000!

I'm not sure if it was a problem mixing with superblogger as the result was the same with superblogger turned off, but there's something on my site it disagrees with.